Two ‘Northern’ Views On The Massacre Of EndSARS Protesters At Lekki In Lagos, Nigeria By The Military

The Oasis Reporters

October 22, 2020

Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga wrote:

There is no justification for the violent death of any unarmed protester in Lekki. The late President Reagan once said that “human life is so precious that extraordinary efforts are needed to preserve it.”

Excessive use of force is not self-defence. You can’t shoot a man or woman dead because someone threw a tennis ball at you. The rules of engagement exist for a reason and they should be strictly enforced to avoid needles waste of lives.

Abdulsamad Chima Amadi wrote, still on the same Lekki massacre

This is so sad!
Where were the rubber bullets? Where were the hot water tanks? Where were the teargas cannisters ?

They used live ammunitions on people and some imbeciles have the audacity to come online to justify the stupid actions of a coward military that cannot defeat a rag tag Boko haram?

Anyone justifying the use of live ammunitions on our citizens because they are demonstrating is not worth being called a human being.

Whether the demonstrators are right or wrong is immaterial. No responsible government uses the lives of her citizens to show military prowess.

If I may ask, what value do we place on human lives in this country?

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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