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UBA And The Concept Of Robust Football: See The Speakers They’ve Arranged To Speak To Africa Today

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May 24, 2022

By Greg Abolo

As a blogger, I scrolled down @TheOasisReport1 on Twitter that Elon Musk just bought to browse contents and bumped into a United Bank for Africa, UBA event slated for today, May 24, 2022.

It says,

On the 24th of May, we convene Africa’s most influential public and private sector leaders and creatives, who are constantly reflecting our African culture in global success stories.

Swipe to meet them and CLICK to set a reminder.



Youssou N’dour, my evergreen Senegalese musician would be there, and a host of other speakers.

Wao, I said to myself, I got to be there somehow.

You’d ask yourself, why should a bank that ought to be busy counting cash and giving out loans as well as pursuing their money have time for conversations on culture, so early in the week like that ?

Why ?


Kennedy Uzoka, GMD/CEO, UBA PLC.

Now, it got me thinking. I remembered when Nigeria had a team at the Atlanta Olympics to play a football match against the World best footballing nation, Brazil.

Our boys (that’s the Kanu Nwankwo team) got me on edge with their fluid, free flowing football style. But those boys had ingenious strategies. Suddenly, they came from deficit to power ahead. Before the final whistle was blown, they had come from 3-1 down to equalize, then powered ahead with two clear shots within an interval of a few minutes to stun the world, two minutes to end of game, not only to equalize but win the semi-final game, 4-3 .

That wasn’t their first stunt at all. They had performed a similar feat in Saudi Arabia against the then USSR to come from deficit to surplus goals by one extra to clinch victory that got Saudi Arabian princes up standing and cheering Nigeria.

But this post is not about football at all. It’s about banking, and how a 73 year old institution has constantly reinvented itself to remain at the Tier-1 league of Nigeria’s top ten banks in terms of liquidity, profitability, assets and all other indices of robust and profitable banking.

In addition it has spread it’s wings and soars all over Africa.

How did it make it ?

We shall tell the story in another post someday.

But today, UBA is digging into aspects of culture and linking it to banking, a way of drawing the teeming population into financial inclusion to lift Africa up, for without finance, growth diminishes and economy perishes.

Let great culture lead us there. Let the influential public and private sector leaders, creatives inspire us.

Sannu da zuwa
Ee ka bô

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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