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‘Unbreakable Bond Of Democratic Values Between Us’, Macron Addresses US Congress


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April 25, 2018

French Presidengt Emmanuel Macron, escorted into the Us Congress by US President Donald Trump.
Standing ovation in welcoming the visiting French president by Congress.
Senate President and the Speaker of the house of Representatives cheer Macron.

For the first time in two years, a visiting foreign Head of State has addressed the United States Congress and the rare privilege went to the French president Emmanuel Macron who described the epoch event as a privilege and honour, to be welcomed to Washington DC with his wife.
He reminded Congress that France fought with George Washington for the freedom of the United States and indeed, Washington DC itself was conceived by a French architect.

President Macron who spoke in fluent English language eulogized the USA as the “bastion of democracy” with the “Protective gate of Lafayette (a French man).

Congressional leaders welcome Macron.
More Congressional leaders bid him welcome.

The closeness between both countries was reason why Trump was invited to Macron’s first Bastille Day Parade as President.

“Since 1776, France and USA have fought for democracy. We stand together from the ruins of painful memories, France and USA have stood together in times of peace”, he said to Congressmen and women who gave him a three minute standing ovation.

Emmanuel Macron celebrated the memory of Martin Luther King Jr and James Baldwin, African Americans who were in the Civil rights movement, an ethos shared by the French people.

Democracy relies on the moment and and in also defining tomorrow, he avowed.
Macron talked about the ”Unbreakable bond over democratic values” between the two countries and they must face the future together.

At intervals, he got standing ovations over and over again in the hallowed chambers of the US congress.

Three minute standing ovation for the French president.

“US and Europe are living in a time of fear over anger”, new powers “but we must not give in to fear. We can choose isolation” or, “open our eyes” to the new happenings and so as not to be excluded from new challenges, new changes in the world.

“Let’s write our own history and shape our common answers” to rising changes in the world and it requires the help of the USA to accomplish.

“Multilateralism gives a unique opportunity to help in building a new world order” with the US and France having a role to play there.

Some people think that securing our industries and jobs is more important than accepting the change in respect to global warming. “We have no planet ‘B’. We have to work together to make our planet safe while safeguarding our earth by adopting eco friendly industries rather than protecting” the old order.
“Science and technology are products of freedom and innovation” , without which there’s no democracy.

Terrorists threat is more fearsome with nuclear proliferation. He also called for solution to the problem of the Korean peninsula.
“Iran must never acquire nuclear weapons”, he further added.
“We must not go to war in the middle east” and should respect national Sovereignties
“We must find smooth transition to non carbon emissions” .

Macron supports strong Multilateralism which is key and urges common answers to global problems.
. We can work on the Trade deals, he suggests.

“We have to fight terrorism propaganda on the internet. US will come back to the Paris agreement on climate.

Commercial wars can bring destruction and they pose a threat to global security.

Multiculturalism will not outshine national ethos.

We cherish the friendship of the US with as much intensity as ever.

Emmanuel Macron speaking in fluent English to Congress.

Written by Greg Abolo who watched the address on live streaming.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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