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US Embassy Security Alert On Nigeria: DSS Urges Alertness, Vigilance

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October 24, 2022





After the security debacles of the previous years especially under Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (2014-2019) and the chillingly correct and predictive pieces of information that the United States Embassy in Abuja usually gives despite the avowals of Nigeria’s security outfits, the ordinary man on the streets believes the Americans more.

The Americans always seem to know more, especially when it comes to knowing the moves of Islamists insurgents that are a thorn in the flesh of the Nation’s security agencies, young girls and boys on the streets.

The DSS now recognizes this salient fact and no longer condemn the Americans for being alarmists. The highest they do is to urge for vigilance while seeking safety.

For instance, the Department of State Services has asked Nigerians to remain calm but vigilant following the security alert issued by the United States Embassy in Abuja that there could be possible terrorist attack in the city this week.

The DSS in a statement by its Spokesman Dr. Peter Afunanya advised Nigerians to be cautious, assuring however that it would work with other security agencies to maintain the peace.

The DSS asked Nigerians to assist the agency with information relating to threats and suspicious criminal acts.

The statement said, “The Department of State Services has received several enquiries relating to the security advisory issued by the US Embassy in Abuja, today, 23/10/22. The public may recall that the Service had variously issued similar warnings in the past.

“While advising that necessary precautions are taken by all and sundry, the populace is enjoined to remain alert and assist security agencies with useful information regarding threats and suspicious criminal acts around them.

“Meanwhile, the Service calls for calm as it works with other law enforcement agencies and stakeholders to maintain peace and order in and beyond Abuja,” Afunanya said in the statement released around 11:20pm on Sunday.

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