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Using Her Waitress Job As Stepping Stone, Precious Sibalo Moved Up To Become A Commercial Pilot.

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October 15, 2023




Precious Sibalo.      Image Credit: Women Power Africa


As the world celebrates the International Day Of The Girl Child, here’s the story of Precious Sibalo who dreamed big and never gave up on her dreams.


As a waitress and a flight attendant, Precious Sibalo worked hard before obtaining her qualification as a Commercial Pilot.

She was raised by her grandparents after her mother passed away.

At age 17, she had a child and relocated from Zimbabwe to South Africa where she worked as a waitress, but all this could not stop her from achieving her dreams.

Precious later moved to Dubai where she was also a waitress. While in Dubai, she applied for a cabin crew job at Qatar Airways. Among her six friends who applied for the job, she was the only one recruited, subsequently joining Qatar Airways.

While at Qatar Airways, she worked for five years and was at the same time, saving money to enable her to train and become a Pilot, a childhood dream that she had always nurtured.

In 2017, she enrolled at 43 Air School in South Africa for her Integrated Airline Transport Pilot’s License (IATPL) course and obtained a Commercial Pilot License on November 24, 2020.

Today, Precious Sibalo is a certified Commercial Pilot, Philanthropist and Motivational Speaker.

She is an Advisory Board Member at Women Power Africa and Founder of Precious Wings Foundation which aims at aiding and empowering marginalized children.

She is currently working on her Flight Instructors Rating and flying to build hours in an effort to achieve her next goal – flying big planes for Qatar Airways.

“People should never give up on their dreams. I used the job of a waitress as a stepping stone. Some people will always say ‘I will never take this job’. No, take it and use it as a stepping stone. The same waitress job, took me to Dubai and paved the way for my job at Qatar Airways,” said Precious Sibalo.

Credit: Women Power Africa

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