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Voter Apathy By Nigerian, African Migrants Cause Sweden’s PM, Magdalena Andersson To Lose Election After 10 Months In Office

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September 16, 2022



Magdalena Andersson resigns as Sweden’s Prime Minister after 10 months in office.


By Greg Abolo

After a full vote tally confirming her defeat, Sweden’s Prime Minister has resigned from office, Thursday September 15, 2022.

Nigerians and other African Migrants in Sweden are currently shedding crocodile tears because of their legendary voter apathy they perfected in their African nations where elections are usually rigged by crooked politicians who spread a fistful of dollars just before elections, most times money that they stole in office. After the elections, it’d be business as usual in a life of abject poverty, lack of functional hospitals, no electricity, banditry and kidnapping.

Many Nigerians have thus fled to Europe. And they keep voting with their feet everyday making Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja two of the most viable exit airports in the world.

“Thousands of Nigerian professionals are leaving every hour to Europe and the Americas”, Oluwole Rotimi, an airport worker in Lagos told The Oasis Reporters yesterday from Ikeja.

“And when the Migrants arrive in Sweden, the only party that welcomes them is the center Right coalition that Magdalena Andersson who was Sweden’s first female prime minister belongs to”, a long time resident of the country told The Oasis Reporters from the capital city .

“The coalition cooked free rice and gave the Migrants to eat, including many other goodies. They ate, but on voting day, they didn’t show up. Now the country has fallen into the hands of racist parties who simply hate migrants and want them deported back to their non functioning African countries like Nigeria where the government pick their teeth while it’s youthful population stay at home without education because Universities are closed due to inadequate funding and the teachers are perennially on strike”.

“The right-wing parties won the vote on Sunday. And they hate black people, especially Africans”, Ukamaka Ojay told The Oasis Reporters from Stockholm.

This seems like a setback for many Nigerians and other Africans who keep on fleeing the continent due to the dire straits it’s myopic and grossly incompetent leaders place her.

But as Africans continue to flee to Europe, they face deep seated resentment from racist Europeans who simply are intolerant of Africans who are more or less, economic migrants fleeing their homes because they are not working. Most African States don’t function optimally. Their archaic thinking leadership have no capacity to improve lives and living conditions.

Magdalena Andersson’s centre-left bloc lost narrowly to a bloc of right-wing parties, 176 seats to 173, with 99% of the votes counted.

Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson is now expected to form a government.

His right-wing grouping includes the Sweden Democrats, a far-right party that has campaigned against rising gang shootings.

It is a huge blow to Andersson’s Social Democrats, which gained votes compared to the last election, and remain Sweden’s largest party.

But in Sweden, it is bloc politics that usually decides who gets into power and the right bloc has scored a razor-thin majority.

The final result is still to be confirmed after a recount, which is standard practice in Sweden.

Ms Andersson accepted defeat at a news conference on Wednesday. She formally offered her resignation on Thursday.

“In parliament, they have a one or two seat advantage,” she said. “It’s a thin majority, but it is a majority.”

The close-fought election campaign was dominated by gangs, immigration and integration issues, as well as soaring electricity prices.

Ms Andersson was the Nordic nation’s first female PM when she took office last year – she quit on the first day, before returning soon after.

A neo-Nazi movement has become Sweden’s kingmakers, and this is no good news for migrants.

Magdalena Andersson has been edged out by a four-party right-wing block made up of the Sweden Democrats, Moderate Party, Christian Democrats and Liberals.

It is a momentous turning point for Swedish politics, as the Sweden Democrats was once treated as a pariah by political parties, but has now won around 20% of the vote.

It vowed to “make Sweden safe again” by bringing in longer prison sentences and restricting immigration.

However the party’s leader Jimmie Akesson will not become prime minister, because he does not have the support of the other right-wing parties to take on the job.

Instead, Ulf Kristersson, leader of the Moderates has said he will start work to form a government.

“I am ready to do all I can to form a new, stable and vigorous government for the whole of Sweden and all its citizens,” he said on Wednesday.

It remains unclear whether Mr Kristersson’s government will involve a coalition or formal cooperation with the Sweden Democrats. He has already held talks this week with the leaders of the Christian Democrats and Liberal parties as well as the nationalists.

The Sweden Democrats is a party born out of a neo-Nazi movement at the end of the 1980s, which has slowly grown stronger while attempting to polish its image.

Although many of its policies are right-wing, it sits to the left of some other parties in the bloc on some economic issues, such as protecting the current level of unemployment insurance.

It started off growing its support base among rural working class voters, but this has now broadened. This year it has almost doubled its support amongst first-time voters, with some 22% of 18-21-year-olds voting for the party according to Swedish Public Service broadcaster SVT’s exit poll survey.

In 2019 Mr Kristersson started talks with the Sweden Democrats after years of declining to cooperate with them – a move which has now changed Sweden’s political landscape.

Ms Andersson told reporters on Wednesday that she understood those concerned at the party’s growing popularity. “I see your concern and I share it,” she said.

Magdalena Andersson’s Social Democrats had governed Sweden since 2014 and dominated the country’s political landscape since the 1930s.

Sunday’s vote was one of the closest elections ever in Sweden, with thousands of overseas and postal votes needed to be counted to get a clearer picture of who the winner was.

It should be noted that a Nigerian former governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi was in Europe and the Americas reassuring Nigerian migrants abroad of his plans to make the country work, so as to reverse the brain drain to brain gain.

His laid out plans has been enthusiastically received by the Nigerian diaspora who have pledged to send funds home, urging their families to vote for the Labour Party of Peter Obi, for he holds the brightest chance of making Nigeria work, and removing the utter shame of making frustrated Nigerians flee their homeland in droves.

Greg Abolo

Additional reporting: France 24

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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