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What Manner Of Heartless Bills Would IBEDC Churn Out To It’s Hapless Customers In The Month Of No Electricity?

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March 15, 2022



Frustrated by paucity in electricity supply to power street lights in Oyo, Makinde installs power generators at road junctions.


By Greg Abolo


It is halfway through the month of March 2022 already and thus about time for Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, (IBEDC) bill distribution and debt collection officers to set out on foot looking for bills defaulters to harass, disconnect and reconnect for illegal fees purportedly for using electric energy without paying.



When they do that, they’d say they can’t run this behemoth of an organization without collecting money.


But they know and recognize the fraud in their words because one, they know that energy supply to consumers have been at its most abysmal ebb since January 2022. They’ve been churning out the same figures in bills since late last year. Imagine a household getting an estimated billing of over nine thousand naira with little or no electricity supplied.


It has been made worse since January 2022, such that every household deep freezer or refrigerator in Ibadan stinks like mortuary premises because no electricity has been supplied.

More distressing is that with severe petrol shortages the country is experiencing, not even the super rich are finding it easy to power their appliances. Businesses have crumbled due to lack of power.


Eyeball to eyeball’, an angry Makinde looks deep into the eyes of IBEDC.

Under their incompetent guises, the electric body prefers that people own no meters so that their crazy estimated billing regimes can persist for them to keep extorting money from citizens without working for it. Call it free money if you like, and soon it got on the wrong side of youthful Oyo state governor, Seyi Makinde.

In February this year, IBEDC in a false move at bravado, cut electricity supply to government house, Agodi. Unknown to them, they had touched a tiger by the tail.

The government responded through the Oyo State Board of Internal Revenue by sealing off the premises of the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) over a tax default in excess of N400 million.

IBEDC, acknowledged experts at estimated billing, screamed to the rooftops that the government had sent it cooked up bills. Everyone guffawed at the response of the greatest practitioners of estimated billing.

However, IBEDC soon came to the negotiating table with the government and one of the agreements was that they should resolve to work in the interest of the public by providing electricity meters. Ibadan consumers would say not even one person got a meter.

If everyone had a meter, IBEDC would collect no income whatsoever. There has been negligible electricity ! And no revenue is not a cheery proposition to them.

Everyone is waiting to see what manner of estimated billing they are going to churn out without Electricity supply, this week.

However, it’s been noted that if IBEDC had calmed down and read the body language of Engr. Seyi Makinde, they could have received help by approaching him nicely.

Governor Makinde has been trying hard to light up Oyo and it’s beautiful. Imagine that he didn’t have to buy a power generating set for each small area in order to power street lights, the money spent could have helped IBEDC to strengthen its power generation and supply to it’s areas of operation. But then, who would want to trust a sinking hole ? Especially when their enabling legislation does not accommodate such ?


FS Yusuf tweeted that this: “But it’s actually sad and utterly disgraceful that in 2022 we still don’t have electricity” on January 25, 2022 and Ub Robert tweeted his reply to @FS_Yusuf_


“If Nigeria continues like this for the next 50 yrs, there’ll still be no electricity. It’s not a curse but a reality. Nigeria is not destined to have electricity else they would have it just after independence. Is it now that the government is cashing out from generator dealers?”











Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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