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White Supremacists Fear Of Being Swamped, Callous Third World Govts And Christchurch Mosque Attack

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March 21, 2019

Ambulance evacuating a victim from the Christchurch mosque shooting.

On the terror attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, rather than having a sea of pain, humanity has instead found in it, a human tide of love. That is the impression many immigrants get in Christchurch right now. The mosque that was attacked had been washed quickly for Friday prayers to be held, March 22, 2019.

A US based Nigerian social media commentator and public affairs analyst, Ena Ofugara unreservedly condemned the terrorist attack on the mosque in New Zealand, but notes that it was not a religious attack but rather, one of race.

He adds that “White supremacy, the type that sprung the seemingly racist Donald Trump to power, is a movement of its own. It is not a religion even though its adherents identify as Christians. Many do not believe in the existence of any God anywhere. To them, brown, red and black people are bringing their ways, culture and religion in competition with them, in their space.

It gets worse when you are Muslim and they read how a white man was beheaded by a Muslim or a Muslim drove a truck into a crowd.

None of these people claim to be doing what they are doing for God or Jesus or in the name of Christianity. None screams HALLELUJAH after the idiotic killings.

Note that the White boy this guy calls his hero shot and killed many worshippers in a BLACK CHURCH.

So again, it is not about Christianity or religion, but race.

So YES they are terrorists

But NO. They are not “Christian terrorists”

And YES they are white supremacists.

The type that president Trump and his rhetoric emboldens daily.

Ifeanyi Kade agrees with Delta State born Ena Ofugara totally. He says, “Brenton Tarrant has a 74 page manifesto titled “The Great Replacement”. Nowhere in that manifesto did he mention religion. In summary, it is a ramble about how weakened the white race have become due to the proliferation of other races on white territories. Needless to say, immigration. He has no known religious affiliation but is “ideological”.

He was once a Communist, an Anarchist and currently a Fascist. His act was not attributed to God. He claims to have had some connection with Anders Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist. When stereotypes are established, we must sieve through the truth and not spread falsities. Some of the terrorists are tagged Islamist, and this is not correct in many cases.

And yes, there are fundamentalist Christian terrorists such as Joseph Kony of the LRA, Timothy McVeigh, Dylann Roof, Mark David Chapman. However, Tarrant isn’t a Christian terrorist. Nothing links him to Christianity.

Osagie Seki adds that “when you embolden degenerates by your tacit support, you embolden them and others like them. The world is a global village and white supremacists hate everyone but their white kind, they are the new face of terrorism.

They fueled the Brexit vote (Britain’s plan to exit the European Union over immigration policies) and they are the base of the US president.

As varied as the comments may be, one convenient aspect of the saga people are neglecting is, why is there this steady stream of proportions of African and Arab immigrants emptying their countries and moving to Europe, Asia and the Americas? At whatever costs, fuelling resentment, anger and hate against people of Third World origin?

The long and short answer is, the Third World countries have ethnicity only minded leaders that are myopic in their approach and unable to make their countries work.
Ghanaian president, Akuffo Addo once said “people leave their countries of origin because theire’s “are not working “.

Take Nigeria for example where citizens find it difficult to change leaders who entrench themselves, sabotaging electoral processes through cancelled elections, manipulations, staggered elections and outright rigging. Votes hardly count.
Besides, a country of over 170 million people produces less electricity for consumption that is less than what New York City alone produces.
Hospitals don’t work efficiently, while politicians go to Europe to treat themselves for simple ailments, leaving the populace with poor medical aid.

Most cities have no running water while some states are perennially at war, one tribe against the other, killing several thousands with no end in sight.

Youths leave school but can’t employment. Crimes like kidnapping and banditry on the rise, virtually unchecked.

Syria has been locked in sectarian violence with hundreds of thousands of people already killed. Many have fled their country of origin to Europe, Asia and Americas. When a large number of immigrants enter a country with their different ways of life, attitudes, religion, language etc. Natives of the host country feel resentful and want to show it. This can be seen in the extremism in the Christchurch terror attack .

If all Arab and African governments worked in peace, prosperity, freedom and progress for their countries the way Western countries and even Asian countries did, less and less immigrants would find the need to travel abroad and stay.

By Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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