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Why I Believe That Buhari Had No Input In Sacking Daura, It Was All Osinbajo’s Work


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August 15, 2018

Lawal Musa Daura.
By Farooq Kperogi

Buhari has NEVER taken any action against his corrupt, incompetent aides (because he is indistinguishable from them), but whenever his deputy, Osinbajo, takes a decisive action that attracts praise, the Buharist chorus crowd never fails to say Osinbajo did it with Buhari’s “approval” and that the credit should go to both of them—or to Buhari alone.

Why does Buhari always have to give “approval” for his deputy to act in the national interest while he himself takes no such actions whenever he is in the country?
First, that reasoning undermines the idea that we have an acting president with all the constitutional powers to take independent decisions on behalf of the president.
Second, it confirms that Buhari is indeed a weak, ineffectual leader if the most decisive actions in his administration are taken by his deputy only when he is away from the country on his endless, profligate health tourism.

The truth, of course, is that Buhari’s trajectory has shown that Osinbajo’s praiseworthy decisions are taken not because of Buhari but IN SPITE of him.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. In 2016, while Buhari was in the country, the same Lawal Daura-led DSS illegally invaded the homes of judges at night. It was a rape of democracy, another unconstitutional asphyxiation of a different branch of government, which attracted mass outrage and condemnation. Buhari didn’t issue a statement, let alone censure Lawal Daura. Now that Osinbajo had the testicular fortitude to do what a real president should do, Buharist nitwits are saying the credit for Osinbajo’s decisiveness should go to Buhari.

I used to think the Buharism denuded people of their brains, but I now realize that it’s actually the other way round: only people who are denuded of their brains are Buharists. It’s impossible to have even the slenderest brain cell left in your head and still be a Buharist. Anyone who can worship an incompetent, clueless ***** like Buhari is a lumbering burden on the society. And that’s why Nigeria is the way it is. When you have a bunch of low- IQ morons worshipping an unintelligent, inept, bungling, self-centered man like Buhari who is destroying the country piecemeal, you get the kind of country Nigeria has become: a crumbling country.

Even if we get leadership right in Nigeria (whenever that is) we would still come up short because of the quality of thought of the citizens in the country. When a large swathe of the citizenry is sunk in ignorance and is deficient in basic critical thinking skills, you can’t make progress. Critical thinking skill should be mandatory at all levels of education in Nigeria if we are desirous of making real progress as a nation.



Written by Farooq Kperogi, a Professor of New Media at Kennesaw State University, Georgia, USA



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