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Women Of The North Are Spiraling Around Peter Obi Across The Two Major Religious Divides, Culture In Show Of Love

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September 28, 2022



By Greg Abolo








Peter Obi, Labour Party presidential candidate in the February 2023 election.



Former Kaduna State North Senator, Shehu Sani once told a story of his friend in Kaduna City who built a well appointed mansion, fully equipped with all modern appetunances of modernity that included a Swimming pool on the outskirts of the northern city.




Senator Shehu Sani



With insecurity laying waste to most parts of the city and the man having missed being kidnapped on a few occasions by the region’s over pampered bandits, fled his home into a rented apartment in the rundown section of the city for safety.

It is when you visit the numerous refugee camps for the Internally Displaced Citizens called IDPs would you understand the hopeless quagmire the country is in.

Women seek hope of rescue. They are Christians and Muslims. This time, they are uniting to support the symbol of hope that has the best chances of doing something about hope.

And they want to prosper in their own country.

They all say, it is Peter Obi or nothing.

We watched Matan Arewa (women of the north), sing determinedly within the confines of their building that could either be a community Hall or even a Church.




There’s also the video of a young Hausa Muslim housewife insisting on Peter Obi as choice for the presidency. Her husband is with her and her children.




These are all great symbols of hope that Nigeria is at the threshold of being built.

Ten years ago, indoctrinated Nigerians by establishment people who taught suspicion of others, killing of others, just because they want to entrench themselves in power to continue looting as they perpetuate themselves in power are seeing their plans fail. And that is good news for the rebirth of a new nation.

Written by Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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