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‘2018 World Peace Day Is A Bad Moment For Us’ – Plateau DG, Peace Building


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September 21, 2018


By Moses Gbande


The Director General, Peace Building Agency in Plateau State, Mr Joseph Lengmang has expressed mixed feelings of sadness and joy over the 2018 Year of Peace.

In reacting to the 2018 World Peace Day,
Joseph Lengmang said he is saddened over the dark days the country lived through and the loved ones that are being lost and, yet joy for the efforts being put in place to reverse the ugly trend of events to entrench sustainable Peace.

“While the International day of Peace is usually a day of celebration for peacebuilders, Peacemakers and Peace practitioners worldwide, for us at the Peace Building Agency however we choose to reflect on our efforts to repair broken relationships, mend the broken fences and stitch the tear in our fabric of Peace.

“I must thank the peace loving people of Plateau State for the support we’ve received in this regard. We are full of gratitude for the encouragement we have received from all those who support our work and see the Peace Building Agency as an extension of what Plateau State stands for, ‘the Home of Peace and Tourism’.

“I would like to also thank His Excellency Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong the Executive Governor of Plateau State for his relentless efforts and determination to promote a stable and peaceful society.

“History will remember you for what you are, simply, a man of Peace.

“May I also thank our local and international partners who have stood by us, lending both technical and material support and not to mention their invaluable contributions to de-escalating tension, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation between parties in conflict.

“We remember today, Mr. Emmanuel Samuel Nanle, the Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Governor of Plateau state who passed away some few days back. His commitment and contributions to the Peace building process was massive and would be greatly missed.

“We are confident that our united efforts will further consolidate our gains on Peace, and prevent any loopholes that may be exploited by enemies of Peace.

“Like everyone, we also have our challenges, and not to even mention that peacebuilding is not a one day affair and neither is it one without the risk of failure or mistakes. We may have made our mistakes, but we are eager to learn from them and to become a better people.

“The fact that war mongers and peace spoilers continue to threaten and undermine our work by exposing our inadequacies while suppressing our virtues is proof that there are results in our efforts. It is our resolve to brace all resistance, sabotage and subterfuge to broker peace and understanding regardless.

“The theme for this year’s International Day of Peace “The Right to Peace” is a reminder to our duties to entrench Peace -a quest that lies ahead of us. It is also a clarion call to uphold Peace on the highest pedestal for all of humanity, and I re-emphasize our commitment to upholding peacebuilding as a right to be pursued and enjoyed by all.

“Several people have sacrificed so much for peace and are still sacrificing a lot more. You are amongst the ranks of the guardians of peace and I believe that a Plateau at Peace with itself and the world is achievable if we embrace the culture of peace as a right in our community to be taught, protected, held and shared by the custodians of our customs and traditions.

“We have always been a Home Of Peace; we have always viewed the right to peace for all humanity and there is absolutely no good reason why we need to change from what we are.

I wish us all an inspiring International Day of Peace”.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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