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A Nation At The Crossroads : The Case Of Nigeria

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February 1, 2018




Could it be true that when a mourning delegation from Benue State paid a visit to the President of the Republic over the genocide back home viciously executed by Fulani terrorist jihadists masquerading as herders that the President admonished them to return home and live in peace with their neighbours ?

If the above viewpoint captured the President’s inner thoughts, it also googles up other issues or questions if you will. The President’s response did not only insult the more than 70 men, women, children, the infirmed and elderly who were so viciously consigned to a mass grave but also the entire people of Benue State and Nigerians as a whole. It further basically insults the values of humanity.

The President is not alone in advancing this highly infectious viewpoint, there is another bigot of a governor in Kaduna who is controlled not by his elitism but by highly concentrated hate built up inside of him which occasionally erupts spewing toxic ash much in the manner of a volcano.

Going back to the President’s message to the mourners from Benue State, let us attempt to enquire into who the President could have been referring to as neighbours of the victims in Benue, I just hope that he is not referring to the same terrorist Fulani gangs visiting death and destruction almost everywhere they go.

The President in his wildest imagination must have concluded from briefings by his kinsmen that the Fulani terrorising the people of Benue State and elsewhere are not itinerant but a settled population in Benue State in which case they will qualify to be bona fide neighbours. Assuming that there are indeed settled Fulani in some parts of Benue State and elsewhere does it give them the right of ordering their cattle onto people’s farmlands and if a protest ensues they the protesters are put to the sword because the murderous Fulani terrorists gangs have been licensed to carry AK 47s?

Can anyone possibly have a neighbour constantly at his neck all the time?
If the President has any respect no matter how little for the mourning population in Benue State, the least he could have done was to personally pay a condolence visit (Not represented by anyone else). But because the people of Benue and indeed other non Fulani are less than humans the delegation had to contend with the President’s toxic message.

The reader will recall that in the President’s trajectory to power this second time, he was in years gone accused of incendiary pronouncements in the course of campaigning for this high office.
For instance he was once accused of having said that practitioners of a particular faith should vote along such a line in a multi religious, multi cultural and multi ethnic nation.

Further down the line, it was alleged that he made a similar divisive statement saying in effect (Kare jini, Biri jini), which if directly translated from Hausa to English technically amounts to calling for violence if he loses the 2011 presidential election.
He did lose that election and some violence did occur particularly in Southern Kaduna. The violence was at the instance of aggrieved Fulani and other practitioners of that particular faith they profess.
At that time some of us defended the candidature of the current president and argued robustly that the candidate of the CPC could not have made such outlandish ptonouncements.

Finally, our candidate in Muhammadu Buhari did make it to the presidency in 2015. But what is playing out as governance in this country falls far short of the minimum expected of a democratic government. Perhaps because the President is of Fulani extraction, the Fulani have taken it upon themselves to conduct a low level jihad against other ethnic nationalities in this nation and they do so with the utmost impunity without the government taking steps to protect the victimized population.

Because the Fulani perceive themselves as blue blooded, the dictator in Kaduna State took the unilateral decision of paying compensation to the same terrorist gangs from outside our borders sending emissaries across West Africa to trace others yet the Federal government sees nothing wrong in some other body conducting foreign policy on its behalf. What has played out since 2015 feeds the narrative of old associated with the President and because he has not acted on the contrary he will find it extremely difficult to extricate himself from this bug.

The bigger problem is that there are too many strange bedfellows in the Federal Cabinet, things cannot work as expected. A cabinet would occasionally need to be rejigged thus giving it a new lease of life but it has been business as usual since 2015 leaving a sour taste in the mouth of the citizenry as they are the most affected.

The tragic press briefing by the Defence minister, Brig Gen Mansur Dan-Ali after a National security meeting remains the worst undertaking by any minister. Had some other minister undertaken this responsibility, and portrayed that level of naivety not many tongues would be voicing their disappointment and disgust as is the case.
Please do not blame the minister for the well below average performance because he is the product of our kind of jaundiced political arrangement. There were and there are still better materials for that position but for reasons unclear, he got appointed. This minister very clearly deliberately or inadvertently created the impression that his eyes have been closed to the realities playing out in this country to which he is defence minister with regard to our collective security. This is what you reap when a cabinet is simply a nest of mostly practitioners of a particular faith.

How will the President receive an objective account of what the realities of the day in this country are with regards to our collective security?

I am not too sure if there is a matrix for measuring the performance of ministers in the current Federal Cabinet if there was, perhaps some of the dinosaurs still fouling the air would long have been despatched to retirement.
Today in our dear nation because Fulanis are everywhwere in government at all levels cows have a value better than those of humans depending of course on where one comes from. This nation is in this monumental mess today because we gave our votes to someone we thought had the capacity to lead us away from Egypt but here we are today with our nation adrift like a rudderless vessel in a stormy sea. I can bet that our country men and women were not expecting too much from our President apart from him giving political direction to the government which has been lacking because you cannot give what you do not have.
This is the reason people have concluded that the President has been hijacked by the coalition of hyenas and jackals in Aso Rock.

In our Kaduna State, the destruction of virtually all that this State used to be known for is complete just within the 3 years the dictator has held sway. A total of about 2999 houses, property of the Kaduna State government have been auctioned to cronies, friends and family members of the dictator on the flimsy excuse of high maintenance costs. To date, not a single house has been constructed by this government.

Early in the life of the Kaduna State government there was the propaganda of establishing satellite campuses of the State Polytechnic in Lere and Birnin Gwari but all that is gone with the wind. After the sack of over 21,000 teachers in the State, the government is churning out propaganda about plans to build 3 bedroom accommodation for headmasters and 2 bedrooms for teachers in primary schools in the State.
The question naturally comes to mind, who will be responsible for maintaining those buildings even if they are built?
It is by such blatant falsehood that the regime justifies it’s hold on power. More falsehood is on the way in the months leading to the next governorship election in the State. The electorate and population in Kaduna State must never lend their ears to such cheap lies.

The momentum directed to sacking the dictator and his co travellers from Sir Kashim Ibrahim House come 2019 must never lose steam. While there is still time those without voters cards must make haste to obtain theirs. The recommended AK 47s to fight this political battle is the PVC.

Written by Gora Dauda.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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