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Access, Fidelity, Zenith And Other Nigerian Banks Celebrate Mother’s Day With Rich Flowing Poetry

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March 18, 2023







Here’s a heartfelt video of a journey that lasts through life and one which is full of wonder .. From Zenith Bank.


The video tribute from Zenith Bank PLC below to celebrate Mothers on Mother’s day has in just two days of release, garnered over 52k views on YouTube!


Watch the perfect poetic rendition of an apt tribute on Mother’s Day by clicking on the link below :


Mother’s Day 2023

“We wouldn’t be here, but for you”!


In celebrating mother’s love, we are reminded that the purest form of love that is ever known flows through that connection.



For what began at conception, continued in the cradle, grew with care over the years and is forever cherished.




Thank you Mama… from Fidelity Bank PLC .

With lips smiling out in pure veneration and eyes looking into one another’s, the photo speak between a mother and her girl child evoked what I saw as “An unbreakable bond, connected by love” .


This photo tells the world that
“A mother’s love is a force of nature, unyielding and unconditional. It’s a bond that’s unbreakable, a light that guides through life’s challenges”.

This is a worthy connection that all of us must Access.

So they say,
“Happy mother’s day
From all of us at Access Bank PLC”.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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