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‘Hunt The Assailants Down’, Akeredolu Declares War On The Owo Murderers



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June 5, 2022


By Greg Abolo



Rotimi Akeredolu arrives to the shock of the mindless massacre in his home town, Owo.


Soon after the Igangan killings About one year ago, precisely June 6, 2021, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu tweeted on what he called:





…we have directed the Commanders of the South West Security Network, Amotekun, to convoke a joint security meeting of all Commanders in the South West with a view to commencing joint operations in the region immediately





Barely 24 hours to the one year anniversary of the security meeting convocation, death not only came to Ondo state that he governs, it cut deep to the bone. His home town was attacked by a shadowy militia who brazenly attacked defenseless people praying on Sunday morning in Church.




There’s a background to this story. Fulani herdsmen militia have been in Ondo bushes as well as other bushes of not only the South West but the entire South and the North. They came in as an invasive band under what was termed religious fervor to conquer the natives and convert them to their belief. 


But it seemed more likely as a push for slave trade. Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther’s book made earth shaking revelations about how he and his community were captured by Fulanis and sold into slavery. He was lucky to have been rescued.


Later, colonial rule came and an essay by Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa equally mentioned the same theme about what his tribe suffered in the hands of the Fulani. 


But this stopped with the colonial administration for slavery stopped. And the people felt freer.


Further historical accounts narrate the moves of the British to stop this evil trade by capturing and jailing the Fulani Emirs who engaged in the illegal trade. Many of them were exiled to Lokoja where they stayed in confinement and they finally died there.


Decades down the line, evidence remains abundant that kidnappings for ransom are being perpetrated by Fulani people. School children, clergymen, women, men etc are being kidnapped for huge ransoms, like in the case of the  Prelate the Methodist Church of Nigeria, His Eminence Samuel Kanu Uche, alongside the Bishop of Owerri Diocese, Rt. Rev. Dennis Mark and the Prelate’s chaplain who were on Sunday last week, kidnapped in Umunneochi Local Government Area of Abia state.


 They were freed  after the payment of 100 million naira




The Prelate said that his kidnappers were armed Fulani bandits, and this happened despite the military cordon within the vicinity, hinting at a certain collusion with renegade men in military uniform.


 And that some of the bandits spoke fluent Igbo. Just as the bandits in the South West equally speak perfect Yoruba. Sign that these were the descendants of the jihadists/slavers some 200 years ago whose fore parents could not find their way back to their homelands in upper West Africa after slavery was abolished. They remained in the bushes and reinvented themselves as kidnappers for ransom.


When their excesses became intolerable, Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu, governor of Ondo State ordered them to quit the forests of the state. Then he refused to buckle despite interventions by high profile government officials of Fulani extraction.


This attack on his home town may be their retaliation over the order, if investigations prove that Fulani bandits were indeed behind the attack. 


Coming after the murder of the daughter of the Afenifere leader about a year ago, photo images of the angry and resolute face of the governor, show that no threat of violence would break his resolve to deal with the security threat. 



Hugely shocked at the mind boggling massacre, Ondo state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu covers his mouth.







Arriving from Abuja.








As Owo mourns, the people of Nigeria mourn with them for this is one massacre of a people too many.



How can Nigeria rescue itself from these shocking events ?



Photos: courtesy of @ArakunrinAkeredolu/Twitter



Greg Abolo

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