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Adara Community Rejects Balkanization Of It’s Chiefdom, Seeks Peace


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December 8, 2018

Kaduna State Governor,  Nasi El Rufai (in dark garb), commiserates with the family of the Agom Adara, who was allegedly slain by his kidnappers after collecting a ransom.



The emergency National Congress Meeting of Adara Development Association was held on 1st December, 2018 at Adara Town Hall, Kachia. During the meeting, the National President, Mr. Awemi Dio Maisamari read out the letter and gazette of the Kaduna State Government which abolished the Adara Chiefdom and subordinated the people to a new “Kachia Chiefdom” and “Kajuru Emirate” After that, the President led the Congress to discuss the position of Adara nation on Governor El-rufa’is escalating war on ethnic minorities in Kaduna State.

Members of the Congress expressed bitterness on the ways in which Adara nation in particular and other ethnic nationalities are going through their worst experiences of their lives. This is the communique issued at the end of the discussions:

1. The challenges, incidents and tragedies presently confronting Adara Chiefdom are the greatest ever threat to the survival and wellbeing of the Adara nation. Notable among them are the aggressive official promotion of the Ladduga grazing reserve, frequent externally induced criminality, disdain for the will of our people on matters that affect them, four horrendous and brutal attacks on our people, the assassination of our paramount ruler and the abrogation of Adara Chiefdom.

An objective and comprehensive contextual review of the situation seems unavoidably to point to government culpability.

2. It is now clear to us that Adara nation in general has been earmarked for total subjugation and Adara Chiefdom and culture for outright extinction. This seems to be the most logical explanation in our situation.
“Zazzau Emirate” being almost half of Kaduna State has been left intact with its cultural and religious nomenclatures. Also several smaller Chiefdoms and Emirates have similarly been allowed either intact or with minor changes. But Adara Chiefdom being the second largest in the state has been out rightly abolished. Its people have been balkanized and forcefully subordinated in the new Kachia Chiefdom and Kajuru Emirate. This was done to create the circumstances where the identity, culture and wellbeing of our people will be permanently suppressed, overshadowed and ultimately destroyed. And this is being done to us after withdrawing our long held title of being the most peaceful and accommodating Chiefdom just because we have been unsuccessfully attempting to defend ourselves from criminals, aggressors and murderers. This is the greatest injustice to our people.

3. The Adara nation has decided to totally and unequivocally oppose, resist and reject all the policies, laws, plans, processes, programmes, decisions and activities that will directly and or indirectly destroy our Chiefdom, identity, culture and wellbeing. We may not have the political and economic muscle to fight our cause. But we are strengthened by the justness of our cause, the support of all people of goodwill, and above all the merciful and powerful force of divine providence. We shall therefore use all available civil, democratic and legal means to fight our cause to the best of our ability and as long as necessary.

4. Emergency plan of action

To properly and effectively address the challenges that have and may arise, the Adara nation shall proceed as follows:

i. The Adara community wishes to declare its total loyalty and support to Adara Traditional Council and Adara Chiefdom under the able leadership of the Vice Chairman of the Council/Wazirin Adara, Engr Bawa Magaji.

ii. The community totally supports the ongoing efforts of the Traditional Council to engage and dialogue with government for the amicable resolution of all problems facing Adara nation. The Association is also standing by to participate or contribute in anyway necessary to ensure the speedy and just resolution of all issues of concern to our people.

iii. Our people will not in any way recognize nor subject themselves to “Kachia Chiefdom” and “Kajuru Emirate” Any other lines of action in respect to the status of our highly cherished Adara Chiefdom will be decided depending on the progress or otherwise of the engagement with government.

iv. Our community has suffered serious casualties and humiliation due to over reliance on state security personnel. Our people have reaffirmed an earlier decision to make the community vigilance watch structure more effective.

Secondly, the community has firmly resolved to ensure better self-defense to protect lives and property in the community in the event of any further attacks.

Thirdly, it is agreed that in the event of any future case of kidnapping, the community shall use self-help to ensure immediate rescue of victims at any cost.

v. Adara community is today suffering unspeakable hardships because of its poor economic and political base. Recent crises have left many families in dire need of assistance for food, shelter, medical treatment, police and court cases, children’s education and self-employment. The community has reaffirmed its previous decisions to more vigorously embark on community contributions for self-reliance and collective decision making during all elections and other major issues.

5. Finally, the Adara nation is passionately appealing to the Kaduna State Government to be more compassionate, fair and democratic to Adara Chiefdom in particular and all ethnic nationalities in general. We are also passionately appealing to our friends, well-wishers and the international community to come to the aid of the Adara nation in this most trying period. Government and indeed humanity in general cannot lay claim to civilization when the fate of the weak in human society is the same or even worse than that of his counterparts in the animal kingdom. If only our adversaries will allow us, our people shall conduct themselves in the most responsible and peaceful manner throughout this trying and agonizing period. This is to create the enabling environment for civilized engagement with those concerned enough to be partners for justice and genuine peace.

Awemi Dio Maisamari

National President
Adara Development Association.
1st December, 2018.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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