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Adeoyo Hospital: The Changing Countenance Of Seyi Makinde, From Frowning Face To Beaming Smiles

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September 8, 2019

Seething inside with anger over the derelict condition of medical equipment at Adeoyo Hospital.
Governor Makinde in an unusual unsmiling face, over the condition of things at the State Hospital.

As avid watchers over the years of Oyo State Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde from his days in the political trenches, one thing The Oasis Reporters noticed is that the Unilag trained engineer and oil magnate, never let’s ‘them’ see him sweat. He’s always full of smiles, either when he is interacting with supporters or charming his opponents. Even when he was doling out 150 million naira of his cash in bursary awards to students, Makinde’s charm offensive always remained at a highly infectious level.

Until he became the governor of the headquarter State of his Southwest Yoruba people. We watched him visit the flagship State hospital:

In his own words:

“On July 12, we visited Adeoyo State Hospital, Ibadan for an on-the-spot assessment”.

For the first time, we observed an angry Makinde, struggling to maintain grace under pressure. Though he remained his cool diplomatic stance in his address, we knew that the young governor was seething inside over the derelict condition of the broken down equipment in Oyo state owned largest hospital.

Unlike the Tanzanian leader, President Magufuli, he did not immediately fire the Medical Director, but knew what to do.

Within 100 days in office, Makinde said he was “pleased to commission the renovated and equipped operating theatre, radiography unit and medical laboratory,” on the evening marking his 100 days in office.

Makinde is all smiles now, in the same Adeoyo Hospital.

And guess what, Makinde was beaming with smiles and even the Adeoyo Hospital CMD was obviously looking very relieved and happy that the deadline for renovation and repairs secretly handed down by the then angry governor, was met.

Ibadan born Ekundayo Awe who grew up in University of Ibadan campus and whose parents were professors there, analyzed what he believes is the air around Makinde.

Hear him:

“In what looks more like an ego thing, people are just hoping and waiting for Makinde to fail… so they can be proved right with their narrative that he is just puff and no bite…..his success, if that is how it eventually pans out, is intimidating to the status quo members, who would rather not see governance demystified because it will just expose those they have sided with in the past as incompetent misfits that they really are.

It shouldn’t be about personal ego, it should be about delivering for the greater good… that is what patriotism is all about. I wish Makinde success, as he charts his course in a manner that shocks the naysayers !!!”

Ride on, Seyi Makinde. Continue to demystify governance.

Greg Abolo.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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