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APC Chooses Oshiomhole As New National Chairman By Voice Of Acclamation


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June 23, 2018

Former APC party governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomole. He is now the new national Chairman of the APC.

Under the watch of a massive 5,000 policemen ranging from anti terrorism police to police armored tank squadron and bomb disposal police team etc, the All Progressives Congress (APC), with a voice vote, has acclaimed former Edo state Governor, Adams Oshiomhole as the new national chairman of the party.

Oshiomhole was affirmed after he emerged as the sole candidate for the position.

The former Edo Governor was one of the 18 candidates affirmed unopposed by delegates at the national convention of the party in Abuja on Saturday.

The remaining 42 positions are up for grabs as delegates to the convention holding at the Eagle Square will have to vote to elect the candidates.

The names of each of the unopposed candidates were mentioned by the Chairman of the national convention committee, Governor Abubakar Badaru Mohammed of Jigawa State, while the delegates in affirmation chorused ‘Yes’.

Oshiomhole was the first candidate to be mentioned by Mohammed and the delegates chorused ‘Yes’ in affirmation.

Chairman of the national convention committee, Governor Abubakar Badaru Mohammed of Jigawa State at the Eagles Square, Abuja on Saturday, June 23.
Mohammed said, “The convention procedure is to start with the affirmation of candidates that have won unopposed, thereafter, we will go state by state to go and cast the vote in the 10 centers that we have designated for voting.”

“The position of the national chairman is unopposed and the winner is Comrade Adams Oshiomhole. Adams Oshiomhole has won unopposed so I want the congregation to affirm, have you?”

The crowd responded, ‘Yes, affirmed’

The former party chairman, Odigie Oyegun, himself a former Edo state Governor as well, has thanked President Muhammadu Buhari for all the cooperation he received while in office

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