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As Kidnappers Execute 2 More Greenfield Varsity Students, Analysts Probe How The Fortified Security Cordon Was Breached

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April 27, 2021


Images of Greenfield University, Kaduna. There’s a police post there, capable of hosting about 1,000 police personnel.

When Kaduna born and raised Chief Simon Ifediora Nwakacha (an engineer) decided to set up a private university, his mind was set on Kaduna, a city that has given him so much in life, rather than his Anambra homeland of Igbo people in South East Nigeria.

As an educationist and philanthropist who has had considerable success with the setting up and establishment of Imperial College located at Kudenda district in Kaduna, his next move was to establish a first of its kind private higher institution, Greenfield University with state of the art facilities from comfortable hostels, lecture theatres and all other facilities to make learning a unique experience.

Greenfield University commenced academic activities in May 2019, as one of the pioneering private universities in the North West part of Nigeria, an area underserved by educational institutions relative to its status as the most populous region in the country.

Not to take chances with security at the institution’s premises located at Kasarami, along the Kaduna-Abuja axis, Engineer Nwakacha, who doubles as the Pro-Chancellor of the institution, said to journalists that attended his inaugural press briefing that “as you can see, we are occupying a virgin land and it is surrounded by a large community but we are not taking chances with security as we have a police station and also a military detachment in the institution just as we have our own personal security outfit in the school to tackle problems of insecurity”.

The police station was built with a capacity to host 1,000 police personnel comfortably. Yet when the crunch came, there was the unfortunate breach that has led to the kidnap of students. Three students were earlier executed. Two more have equally been killed, people’s children who only wanted to have an education.

Grapevine sources allude to an ethnic militia as being suspected to be behind the brazen kidnap.

Why were the police and military detachment unable to prevent the security breach ?

Grapevine sources says calls made did not connect due to possible network problems, though security personnel appeared at the scene long after SOS messages were sent and the kidnappers had taken their victims into the bush.

Pundits keep asking if it is about the north not wanting educational development, or that there exists a shadowy force that is blocking access to education ?

These and many more questions hang in the air. And for Kaduna, there seem to be no easy answers to insecurity despite it’s surfeit of military establishments.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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