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Beyond The Audacity, Grit And Courage Of Hilda Baci. Consider The Critical Role Of Her Support Staff In Her Win

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May 19, 2023






Hilda Baci’s support base in the background.

By Bayo Adeyinka

You’re Only as Effective as Your Support

I love the Hilda Baci story. It’s one of audacity, grit and courage. It’s even more fascinating to me because her cause united the nation for the period it lasted. Almost everyone rallied behind her and prayed for her success. It was similar to Nigeria playing in a major football tournament.



However, the most salient issue for me is the support of that male Chef Sunny who was with Hilda throughout. He definitely won’t get the recognition but his role was very significant to Hilda’s success. I even saw a picture of Chef Sunny patting Hilda on the back, urging her on.


A winner is just as good as the support base.


The critical role support staff play in any organization or even the home cannot be over-emphasized. From the driver, to the cleaner, the security guard or domestic help, their support, though not often recognized, is critical to the success of any endeavour.

I discussed this with a colleague at work yesterday on the imperative of looking out for those who look out for you. I can’t imagine not treating my driver right. My life is in his hands – in a manner of speaking. So if I travel and I sleep in a hotel, he sleeps in a hotel too. I’ve scolded some former colleagues before when we attended an event upcountry and discovered their drivers slept overnight in their cars. I told them they’re just putting their lives at risk.

I watched the movie, Hunger on Netflix recently.

In the movie, one of the chefs working with the main character Chef Paul put a spoon of shrimp inside the soup of a child who had allergy to seafood and it took experience and a tinge of luck to avert what would have been a double tragedy – the death of the child and the end of Chef Paul’s illustrious career.

Chef Paul treated his staff with impunity.

Your support staff are like Aaron and Hur who held up the hands of Moses. While Moses was the main actor, the victory of the entire nation actually depended on those two men. If they got tired, Moses couldn’t go on.

Truth is you’re only as effective as your support. Moses went that far because they were willing to go far with him. They sacrificed their comfort for his success.

And the good thing is, they don’t mind staying in the shadows while you enjoy the accolades.

Well done, Chef Sunny.

Written by Bayo Adeyinka.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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