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Boko Haram’s Renewed Focus On The Killing Of Christians: Why Buhari Must Go Beyond Issuing Terse Messages And Act

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January 24, 2020

Ropvil Dalep Daciya

Is Boko Haram now tending more towards its pre-Caliphate campaigns? The renewed emphasis on abducting and killing Christians on camera or attacking Christian dominated areas is reminiscent of the era of church bombings, before they started annexing territories.

If this trend continues, it will be a big blow in the fight against insurgency considering the current state of the Nation and the perception of many – especially Christians and southerners – about the current administration.

Also, narratives like avenging the death of Muslims killed by Christians as alluded to by the group before killing the Plateau student of University of Maiduguri, Ropvil Dalep Daciya, by Boko Haram in Borno State could also be a ploy to hoodwink closet bigots to join or support their cause. It is noteworthy that in the last few months, a handful of Plateau State indigenes, especially aid workers have been abducted and killed on camera.

Besides, practically everyone knows about the religious fault lines in Plateau State. It could be another ploy to inflame passions and cause chaos. The government needs to be proactive and do more.

President Buhari should realise that sending out repeated terse messages after every dastardly attack is not good enough. Those who kill your citizens must feel the full wrath of the power the people bequeath on you.

Until we get to a position where the government will deploy all within its arsenal to deal decisively and give a bloody nose to ANYBODY that takes the life of a SINGLE Nigerian, the killers will be more emboldened, and the citizens will lose faith in their government and patriotism will die. Many non state actors now believe that they can kill Nigerians at will and nothing will happen. If push comes to shove, they will negotiate with the government, ask for the release of their comrades, be rehabilitated and get compensated while the citizens who are victims get no justice.

No country will survive for long like this. If the government knows that they can’t deal decisively with those killing its citizens, then by all means,let them empower and give a go ahead for citizens to take their destinies and survival in their own hands.

May the Soul of the departed rest in peace.

And kudos to our gallant troops and all security agencies for the work they do against all odds. It could have been worse; but like Oliver Twist, we ask for more and we will continue to call on the government to play their role for them to do their best.

Evil shall never prevail.

Written by Harry Omoakhia.

Harry Omokhia is a practicing pharmacist.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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