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Chadian President Idris Déby, Scourge Of Boko Haram Has Died From Injuries Sustained Fighting Rebels

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April 20, 2021

President Idris Déby of Chad, dies from injuries sustained while fighting rebels.

Chadian President Idris Déby who earlier this month won reelection in the desert country North East of Nigeria, has died from injuries sustained fighting rebels who have been hell bent on ousting the strongman and one of Africa’s longest serving dictators.

His son who is also an army general has taken over the country’s leadership as an interim leader, bypassing the parliamentary leader as specified by the country’s constitution.

The only way the country changes leaders has mainly been through violent means and Déby has always been known to lead his troops from the front. And his soldiers are principally drawn from his ethnic tribe.

Chadian President, Idriss Déby, now late.

Meanwhile, those rejoicing now are boko Haram Islamists for the Chadian army has always been known to significantly tame them. Boko Haram leader, Ibrahim Shekau was always issuing threats against Déby, while they bided their time, knowing that age would at a point, slow him down.

Would his son be like him ?

Time will tell.

Analysts hope that one day, the oil rich country would be more democratic and more inclusive to allow a united country to emerge.

By Greg Abolo.


Greg Abolo

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