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Charter Of Equity In Gubernatorial Rotation, As Isuikwuato Stakes Claim For Abia 2023

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August 2, 2019

Abia State governor, Ikpeazu Okezie.
Almost four years to the next governorship election, the Isuikwuato District Welfare Association in Abia State, has asked all political parties to choose their candidate from the district in 2023, in the spirit of Abia Charter of Equity.

In a three-page communiqué signed by Eze Ezo Ukandu, Chief Uzo Egbo, Navy Captain Chris Ibe Osondu, Ichie Eugene Ibeh and Eze Silas Chukwu, after a meeting, the association said the ‘I’ in the acronym of Abia, stands for the Isuikwuato District, which comprises the present day Isuikwuato Local Government Area and Umunneochi Local Government Area.

They said the association had taken a critical and closer look at the history of the creation of Abia State and resolved that the governorship seat should be conceded to Isuikwuato District by all political parties in 2023, in the spirit of Abia Charter of Equity.

“When Abia was created on August 27, 1991, people from the area contributed substance and time, and therefore, their effort should not be disregarded in deciding the leadership of the state. For the people of Isuikwuato, time, season and circumstances define moments and informs decision. We are not Old Bende and should not be so connoted, lumped, regarded, assumed and subscribed as old Bende,” they said.

The association said the old Bende appellation was a historical and administrative wrong foisted on them, insisting: “We would no longer accept that, but would want to engender the political distillation needed to acknowledge our common ancestral political heritage as we were of the Okigwe division”, concluding a report by Daily Sun.

It should be recalled that this charter of equity has underpinned the cohesion found in many south east and south south states. It is often found that gubernatorial tickets usually goes round the three senatorial districts in any given state, after every eight years, unless something untoward happens like an impeachment along the way.

Federal elections are a different ball game altogether. Whenever the presidential pendulum swings north, the slot only favours the Fulani ethnic group, Why this is so, even when the Fulani have not exhibited any superlative kind of leadership to take Nigeria to where it should be, remains a subject for political commentators.

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