Christmas Carols At Jos North LGA: Chairman Celebrates Event To Unify Christians And Muslims

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December 9, 2021


Shehu Bala Usman. Chairman, Jos North LGA

By Asile Abel, Jos

Chairman of Jos North Local Government Area, Hon. Shehu Bala Usman has said that peace and prosperity is a great way of bringing about unity between Christians and Muslims.

The continuation of the Christmas Carols is truly exemplary in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State,

Hon. Bala Usman also said that “this is the third year we are celebrating Christmas Carols and it has become an annual event which I see as an avenue to promote the issues of unity and religious tolerance. We need to play our path to see people united together during the Christmas and Sallah which I have done the previous two years and this is the third year running”.

During the Christmas festival, a Carol of Nine lessons and Tree Lighting is done so all Christians and Muslims will be on the same page wishing each other the very best of the season to grow a mutual understanding of togetherness. This is an annual event even during the Ramadan period to create that fushion between Christians and Muslims with dialogues of peace and prosperity waving the air to create more respect for each other’s religion.

Hon. Bala Usman added a call to his colleagues that anything can be sacrificed for the unity and security of the people. “I appeal to them that they should adopt this as an annual event as Plateau on pervious events of misfortune has been divided due to our religious differences but when we come together and embrace each other, it will do us a great deal. I would like to add that there is a great pleasure, achievement, and profit in unity amidst our diversity’ let our diversity be our greatest strength”.

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