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Coronavirus Crisis In Europe And The West, On The Backdrop Of A Surge In Migrants Desperation To Barge In

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March 10, 2020

Keeping desperate migrants away as embattled Europe battles Coronavirus.

As the world is panic struck over the Coronavirus problem that is veering towards being called a pandemic, I watched horrifying scenes on television of a riot from the Pazarcule border crossing in Greece. These were desperate migrants fighting to get into Europe.

At a time that Europe remains at crossroads trying to ward off panic over the coronavirus epidemic with yet no known cure.

Taking a hot step and jump overview of breaking events over the happenings, there’s a lockdown on Milan and Lombardi region, with a draft decree to back it up. More patients are down, with a thousand new cases reported in 24 hours in Italy with 366 deaths, over 7375 cases recorded. The whole population of Italy is practically under lockdown.

There was no Angelus by the Pope on Sunday as Italy rules against any mass gathering of people above 1,000 people.
Meanwhile the lockdown for a quarter of the population in Lombardi region has led to Grocery stores running out of supplies. Religious activities are restricted.

Italy creeps past South Korea and is now next to China in terms of new infections.
Chinese citizens from Hubei province complain about being treated as outcasts. Hotels refuse to accommodate them. Just because they are from the region where coronavirus started from.

Imagine the scenario of a Chinese Hotel housing quarantined citizens collapsing and rescue workers digging people buried out of the rubbles having to disinfect each other as they dig.

France is at Stage 2 alert, meant to slow down or contain the spread. Shake no hands, don’t cough into the air, visit no elderly. 19 dead, 1126 cases and telemedicine coming on strongly. Bans meeting of more than 1000 people.

Just as Czech Prime Minister says Italy should ban all travel to and from Europe.

In another development, Egypt has announced a rise in cases (33) on the Nile cruise ship. This is at a time that another cruise ship is moored off the coast of California and sealed off as announced
by VP Mike Pence.

9 countries, UAE, Bahrain Egypt, and 6 other countries have been banned from coming into Saudi Arabia. Katif region in Saudi Arabia is on a lockdown. And Saudi Games have been suspended.

Strasbourg/PSG match postponed due to a Coronavirus surge. Serie A matches thrown into disarray as it is impacted by the Coronavirus. Matches are being played behind closed doors with no handshakes as it is the tradition.

Red zones in many flashpoints with no cure in sight. Nevertheless,Pandemic Preparation plans are being set up.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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