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August 13, 2017

Nasir El Rufa’i, governor of Kaduna State, north western Nigeria

When some members of the National Assembly, Kaduna Restoration Group and APC Akida recently addressed a joint press conference in Kaduna rejecting the alleged consensus list that was written in ‘one small cubicle’ in Kaduna State Government House, a panic button was triggered in Lugard Hall and it became indicative of a fallout between Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State and some heavyweights politicians in the state most especially the Chairman of his Campaign Council, Senator Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi.

In a swift move by the governor and his men, ways were designed to survive the onslaught ahead of them as 2019 general elections draws nearer.

Thugs allegedly sponsored by some appointees and elected representatives vandalised and looted valuables at Kaduna State Secretariat of Nigerian Union of Journalists.
Some journalists suffered deep cuts.

This was the situation the political adviser to the governor recently tried to explain away,justifying why the thugs struck, not minding the fact it is clear evidence of the inability of the government to protect all and sundry.

Following the failure of the government to disrupt the press conference, there was a plot to pull down over 600 shopping Units constructed by Senator Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi for his constituents in Hunkuyi and Kudan communities of Kudan Local Government Area of the State. This failed demolition took place at a time the Senator was at the APC National Secretariat to tender a complaint on the failure of the constituted team to conduct elections into the available position of National Delegates for the non elective convention as provided for by the widely circulated electoral guidelines.

As the enumerated two strategies above failed to the ground like a pack of cards or free fall of the German Currency after the Second World War, some other means were devised to discredit the leaders of the opposition group within the rank and file of the APC in the State.

Some of the fall out plots include:

1) Lean resources of the state that hitherto would have been used to pay scholarship to undergraduate students who have not collected a kobo ever since 2015 will be diverted to massively produce campaign posters to litter the entire state. Some things to be expected in the posters will include:
A) Senator Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi for Governor

B) El-Rufai top Contender in the last APC party primaries would be relegated to Senate Position of Kaduna North Senatorial District or Zone 1.

C) Posters of Comrade Shehu Sani and Dr John Danfulani as gubernatorial Candidate and running Mate for the People’s Redemption Party are also expected.

Furthermore, Jingles are expected to be released with denigrating messages aimed at tarnishing the hard earned reputations of Senator Hunkuyi, Shehu Sani, Mallam Tom Maiyashi, Alh Tijjani Ramalan, Dr Hakeem Baba Ahmed.
Pundits are asking, what they hope to achieve with the expected blackmail.

Keen observers of Kaduna political space will notice that strange names have taken over the air with lofty writings and praise singing for the governor, the masquerade behind the shameless dance is non other than Pa Emmanuel Ado, a media consultant with any government in power. He has several websites open to enable him churn out those lies. The lies are often seen first by Social media Advocates of the Governor before the attention of largely political ignorant people is drawn towards it.

In order for the governor to break into the thick cloud he created in Southern Kaduna, he has woven plots to promise a retired Air Commodore from Zango Kataf Local Government Area of the State, a ministerial appointment. To ensure that he is fit for the herculean task that would be expected of him, he has been given monies to initiate reconciliation with the people of Southern Kaduna. His first target is the youths, he will be expected to organize a Youth Summit and share huge amounts of money to those that would attend.

Southern Kaduna sons that appeared not to be so loyal to the government are targeted to be replaced by some surrogates of the government, notable among the target is Ezekiel Baba Karick who will be replaced by Hon Ben Kure, the Director General, El-Rufai Campaign organisation.
The former Publicity Secretary of the Party that served as Interim Management Committee Chairman of Jema’a Local Government is expected to replace Mr Mikiah Machu Tokwak as permanent commissioner 1, Local Government service Commission of the state.

Other appointments to be expected are Technical and Special Assistants to be given to several youths. Others have been promised plots of lands in layouts to be created by Kaduna State Geographic Information Service for the sole purpose of buying the conscience of the people ahead of the coming elections.

Meanwhile, concerned citizens keep worrying where all these intrigues are headed to. What value are they adding to real development governance in the state and what benefits will accrue to the common man in Kaduna State?

These are indeed, trying times for the people of the state who have to bear the brunt of these political orchestrations.


Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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