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Walking With First Ladyship NEFERTITI On Peter Obi’s Sprawling Political Lawn, To Shift The Paradigm

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May 7, 2022



Development minded Nigerians want Peter Obi to present himself for the presidency and give Nigerians a fighting chance to have a working nation.
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Peter Obi at Eid celebrations with Muslim faithfuls in Awka, Anambra State capital.

1. Peter Obi was the youngest Chairman of Fidelity bank. He got his mandate back from Ngige, became the Best Governor of his state, one of the Best Governors in Nigeria. He retired back to his private business, didn’t fancy the senate and never lobbied for any Federal appointment.

Take that to the bank.

2. The beginning of his reign was tumultuous. He was impeached as a Governor, because he refused to play ball. Peter Obi has been consistent from day one. His riveting sermons are the sharp piercing swords, hitting all the right places. He is not given to noise making or razzmatazz.

3. A close encounter reveals a technocrat with his heart in the right place. Our demands for a Peter Obi Presidency is a cry for help. It gives a clue to something much closer to home. Many have been told the man called Peter – The Rock is frugal & that’s true. But, there’s more.



Despite being a frontline member of the northern quartet to swing the presidential candidacy of the PDP to the north, Sokoto State Governor, Aminu Tambuwal (right) seems to be smiling his way into the Peter Obi (left) camp.
Is he eyeing the vice presidential slot ?




From left: Peter Obi, Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo and Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso. Should Dankwambo pair with Peter Obi on the vice presidential saddle? Kwankwaso has left the PDP for the second time.
Let Nigerians speak.

4. He won’t leave the treasure chest open for the politicians. His time in Aso Rock will mark the Turning point, it’ll signal the paradigm shift from the old ways.

5. He won’t leave anything to chance. Your economy will begin to breathe once more, people will genuinely begin to feel the impact of his savings and less borrowings, but more deployment of your very scarce resources to their targets.

6. The Global Community will have a sense of A New Era in Nigeria. The Tech Community won’t be left out. They’ll equally have a sense of a man with the numbers & data from the top of his head. Virtually every segment of the economy will wear a new look.

7. Insecurity will be dealt with. On his watch, Anambra State was a peaceful environment. Peter Obi believes in methods & results, not body language. He will pursue the Ease of Doing Business with a solid economic blueprint codified in the DNA of the Federal Government.

8. He already did it with ANIDS, acronym for (Anambra Integrated Development Strategy) in Anambra State. ANIDS worked the magic, like wildfire. MDGs & SDGs caught steam as well.

Emeritus governor Peter Obi in a bear hug with current governor Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo after the swearing-in.

9. The beginning of his reign in Anambra was tainted with an impeachment, prompting the emergence of the First Female Governor in Nigeria’s History. Obi had a sense of Affirmative Action for women in Anambra. So he chose lady Dame Virginia Ngozi Etiaba as his running mate.

10. On his watch, Anambra State became the No 1 state with the best network of interconnecting rural roads, connecting more towns, villages & communities. Peter Obi connected the rural farmers to cities like Onitsha, Awka & Nnewi with his massive network of solid rural roads.

11. Agriculture & local industries thrived on his watch. Peter Obi achieved the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of Poverty Eradication & Primary Healthcare delivery. On his watch, Anambra recorded the highest GDP Per Capita, higher than that of the wider Nigeria.

12. His records on Education was unmatched. He moved Anambra from the No 27 in Education to No 1.
He returned public schools back to the Missionaries, built more Primary Healthcare centers & equipped all public hospitals, including the General Hospitals & the Teaching Hospitals.

13. Peter Obi was the chairman of Next International Nigeria Ltd. One time chairman & director of the Guardian Express Mortgage Bank Ltd, the Guardian Express Bank Plc, Future View Securities Ltd, Paymaster Nigeria Ltd, the Chams Nigeria Ltd, & Data Corp Ltd & Card Centre Ltd.

14. Peter Obi was appointed the chairman of the Security & Exchange Commission (SEC) by Goodluck Jonathan. Now I can’t possibly list all his achievements in one fell swoop.

15. Peter Obi fought a great deal many battles. First, his mandate was stolen by Ngige. He got that back back through the court. Then he was impeached by his State Assembly, because he refused to play ball. Again he went to court & was reinstated. Then Andy Uba won in 2007.

16. Peter Obi approached the court one final time, & argued that his four-year tenure only started when he took the reins of power from Chris Ngige, in March 2006. Finally on the penultimate date, June 14 2007, the Supreme Court upheld his argument, & had him returned to office.

17. The man who became an international businessman, the businessman who became the best Governor of Anambra State & one of the Best Governors in Nigeria. Now Nigerians want to know how the story ends?

Peter Obi mingles with youths on his visit to the South West.

18. It’s almost a decade since he left office as the Governor of Anambra State. However, Peter Obi continued to dominate the sociopolitical & economic space in Nigeria with his aura of a champion. He remained the only Nigerian governor who became a billionaire before public office.

19. I am not exactly sure if any other governor broke that record. But Peter quietly returned to his private business immediately after he left office in 2014. PDP will write their name in Gold, if they listen to our voice of reason. Peter Obi is qualified for the job.

20. He’ll be doing Nigerians a favor by leading from the front. It’ll be a disservice to the nation, if we miss the golden opportunity of having the man called Peter – The Rock, as the President. Pls give the young generation of Nigerians – the fighting chance.

There’s a video thread of Peter Obi’s stewardship as Governor. Do kindly find it and watch.

His biggest strengths besides Accountability and Savings, was interconnecting roads linking more villages & communities, Healthcare delivery & of course — Education.

As a PO supporter, you won’t lack facts to present when someone challenges you on any aspect of his public service.

For other aspirants, you always find yourself turning into a fiction writer in order to sustain your defense

Nigerians need Obi to be president more than Obi needs to be president. Beyond being the most competent and prudent in the pack, man is rich, comfortable and happy. Killings & suffering don’t know party lines. Nigerians won’t say they didn’t have a good choice before them” –
Chima Gabriel

People like him who are not desperate politicians is what Nigeria need, not these desperate ones that will cry or kill to grab power and end up destroying the country – OfficialBueze

“In the twilight of Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, he appointed Peter Obi as the Chairman of Nigerian Stock Exchange (When his colleagues were running for Senate just to remain in power) Unfortunately, his appointment was terminated by Buhari immediately he took over office” – ANIETIE AKPAITAM .

“Insightful, my only fear is delegates who are not on social media, 70% of them are illiterate and they answer only to money”. – TundeMÍkeOfoesuwa

“Come and see oooo ( coman c)
come and see what P.O has done ” –

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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