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March 8, 2019

The story has it that President Muhammadu Buhari was guest of the people of Kaduna State on 7 March 2019 for the purpose of commissioning a Command and Control Center for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ( USV) or drones if you will. The aerial vehicles are programmed to monitor and report flash point areas in the event of insecurity for which Kaduna has become famous to the Command and Control center.

In the early days of this regime, the issue of providing this technology was so over hyped that many thought the UAVs will revolutionize information gathering while enhancing the response of the security forces to deal with such infractions. A good idea you may conclude but what happens when the enemy of peace in Kaduna State is also doubling as governor?
Why is the project just being commissioned now at a period when this regime is breathing its last? Is this technology not coming rather too late in the day for many of our country men, women, the elderly, the sick, children and the unborn all buried in shallow or mass graves, thanks to Fulani herdsmen and sundry terrorists?

The President of the federation ought to have known long before now that El Rufai and his thoroughly evil regime together have constituted an albatross to peace in Kaduna State. How will the USVs tackle El Rufai’s combustible and incendiary speeches for which he has become famous? Technology will help and it does help where the intentions are noble not where and when you are dealing with a cantankerous individual as governor enjoying immunity from prosecution, not much is to be expected.

It is very clear that the President of the Federation is continually fed with wrong information with regard to the perennial state of insecurity in Kaduna State but surely, the President should have other means of information gathering as Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federation. The El Rufai dictatorships has all but duped the electorate of Kaduna State if in 4 years the President was bothered to have to leave the very serious business of governing this complex nation to have to come to Kaduna to commission if my memory is correct, 3 projects all of which have little or no impact on the average citizen of the State. The first being the Feed Mills on Kaduna to Abuja road, the Dry Inland Port and now the UAV Command and Control Centre.

The most ridiculous of all these projects commissioned by the President of the federation is the Dry Inland Container port since the containers are supposed to be railed to Kaduna from the seaports. The rail system for now is largely dysfunctional so how do the containers get here in the first place?

At best. El Rufai’s programmes are not designed to benefit the common man in Kaduna State. Such programmes are too elitist to benefit the people. Conversely in many other more serious and focused States, the President has commissioned many people-targeted projects but none in Kaduna State. It has been one problem if insecurity after the other fueled by El Rufai’s poor and directionless policies and programmes. The onus now rests very squarely on El Rufai to prove that this latest gambit will help in bringing security to the traumatized and impoverished people of Kaduna State.

While wishing the President well, I make the humble request of asking him to keep an eye on Kaduna State and not take whatever El Rufai feeds him with regarding the security situation in Kaduna. For emphasis, the President must know that the person of El Rufai, his incendiary and combustible pronouncements, and policies together have been responsible for the tension and insecurity in Kaduna State.

Written by Col. Dauda Gora (Rtd).

He writes from Kaduna, North West Nigeria.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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