‘Facing The Specters Of Their Past’: Just Imagine Angela Merkel Talking To Zamfara, Katsina

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June 1, 2019

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel (bottom left), Katsina State governor, Aminu Bello Masari (top left) and Zamfara State governor, Bello Matawalle.

In a Commencement address to Harvard University graduates, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel spoke the words that Zamfara and it’s neighbouring state ought to hear, Thursday, a day after the gubernatorial inauguration of a PDP governor, Bello Matawalle in Gusau, capital of Zamfara State and the reelection of Aminu Bello Masari in President Buhari’s home state of Katsina. Two states suffering from the paralysis of fear and death in the hands of bandits who were once roaming, homeless and hungry children without hope that they refused to nurture, educate and train as core of competent human capital such as is seen running Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, the US, China and the rest of the civilised world.
She said, “Tear down walls of ignorance and narrow-mindedness”.

Merkel would have gone on to warn them against the perils of isolationism and parochialism in religious laws without building schools and educating the children to man industries and push the expansion of knowledge for the greater good of humanity.

Never “describe lies as truth and truth as lies, using cliches as tools to entrench your power bases without improving people’s lives.”
The Chancellor repeats again,”Tear down walls of ignorance and narrow-mindedness, for nothing has to stay as it is.”
Yes, that you had vast emirates 200 years ago does not mean that you have to continually live in the past. If there was no western education then, you cannot be producing pupils who need just 2 percent score to be qualified for admission when children in other states cannot get into higher school with a score of 70 percent. You can’t be insisting on mediocrity, while the rest are striving for greater excellence. That is a sure recipe for disaster.

Screen capture images of Zamfara bandits. Who are their sponsors?

Merkel, who grew up in Soviet-controlled East Germany, said the tearing down of the Berlin Wall almost 30 years ago had allowed her to start her political career. The girl child in Zamfara and Katsina states are placed in the worst belt of human development. To be seen and not to be heard. They can still know God and serve him more even when highly educated.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel with President Buhari in Abuja.

Walls exist “in people’s minds” and “between family members, as well as between groups within the society, between people of different skin colors, nations and religions,” she said.
But, Merkel said, “walls can collapse.”
“Dictatorships can disappear,” she continued. “We can halt global warming. We can eradicate starvation. We can eliminate diseases. We can give people, especially girls, access to education. We can fight the causes of displacement and forced migration. We can do all of that.”

Chancellor Merkel would have called for “truthfulness in our attitude toward others” and ourselves.

Merkel would have emphasised the importance of working “together rather than alone “ as a unified Nigerian community for a mutually assured prosperity of all of its people.

There are dark forces in the forests of Zamfara and Katsina that were pushed out of civilization due to the ineptitude of government and the failure of society to adapt to change and build prosperity so that families can stay together and raise their children in love.

You cannot be roaming around with cows, trampling on farmers crops which is bad enough. Keep your cows in places they can get rest and produce enough milk to take you to the Peak of a prosperous dairy production.

Do something better with your population. See what China has done with its own. Huge populations are not just to massage the egos of politicians, for when the people’s anger boil over, you have a ticking time bomb on your hands. You must learn from the events in Sudan, Algeria and Tunisia. People must have hope and prosperity.

The Chancellor would further warn, “Nothing can be taken for granted. Our individual liberties are not givens. Democracy is not something we can take for granted. Neither is peace, and neither is prosperity.”
“But if we break down the walls that hem us in,” Merkel said, “if we step out into the open and have the courage to embrace new beginnings, everything is possible.”

Liberty of literary adaptation by The Oasis In-house writing team.

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