Fate Of 6 abductees Unknown 2 Months After, As Captured Fulani Militia Confesses Modus Operandi

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June 6, 2019

Haruna, a Fulani professional kidnapper has confessed that they often kill their victims when no ransom was paid.

In a trending video on social media depicting the arrest and shocking confessions of a young Fulani kidnapping kingpin who can’t remember the number of the abductees his gang has captured and executed because the victims or their families could not raise the ransom demand, Daily Trust reports the story of six persons reportedly abducted by kidnappers two months ago that are still in captivity. The victims are two girls, a lawyer and three cattle merchants.

It was gathered that relations of the abducted persons were said to be worried over their safety as nothing has been heard from the two girls, two months after they were abducted.

The kidnappers, it was learnt, had earlier demanded a N15 million ransom for the release of the lawyer but his family offered to pay N1.5 million which the abductors rejected.

The father of the three cattle merchants had refused to pay ransom demanded for the release of his three sons.

Two months after the first contact between the families of the abducted persons and the kidnappers, nothing was heard from the victims, a situation that is heightening fears of the safety of the victims.

All the victims were abducted at Kofan Amadu along Wukari-Takum road with findings revealing that several persons have been abducted at the location in the past months and many of those abducted are still in captivity.

Police spokesman, Frank Mba reveals the modus operandi of the kidnappers.

It therefore beats the imagination that security forces have not dug into the defence budget to purchase and install high tech surveillance equipment to track and dismantle the criminal network to give Nigerians a breath of freedom.

Source: Daily Trust
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