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Feminization Of Poverty. Meanwhile, The Future Is Not Gender Based

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March 15, 2021

Portia Emilia Anthony and Nigeria’s former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan who gave women an unprecedented 30 percent representation in his cabinet. 2010-2015.

Mothers’ Day Tribute by Portia Emilia Anthony

Here’s an important point, as you read this: poverty is not gender biased, it can happen to anyone both male and female alike.

“Feminisation of Poverty.” Poverty as being portrayed in the world today is a very wrong conception.

No, Poverty is not Feminine, poverty cuts across board.

Today, times have proven that, men have a high propensity to be very poor and maybe, even poorer than women, I mean that without mincing words.

Let me drop this here, you may be inclined to take it to the bank, try it, you may hit it lucky.

I may be reticent sometimes, but I stand to be challenged with the same privileges accorded and afforded this man.

Dangote, is not more knowledgeable, savvier, smarter, in the know, neither does he have any better business acumen than myself or any other at that.

Dangote is privileged, favoured and blessed with the grace of the Federal government of Nigeria.

Dangote is Nigeria’s federal government project, properly nurtured and watered for the utilitarian benefits of a certain section of this country.

If any woman is given the same privileges as Dangote, I can tell you for real, that female may do better than the man.

She won’t only amass wealth for herself but her whole community would be affected positively.

Back to the point, I stand to be corrected by anyone dead or alive, who would stand bold to challenge me that their wealth was not as a result of one strong woman standing by him.

Women have been subjugated the world over, pushed down and almost thrown out to the abyss and still we stand.

From time immemorial, women have been the backbone, the pillars and the holders of the ladders by which men climb to the high stratosphere’s.

Women can do it better if given and allowed on the same pedestals as men.

Now, men are out to kidnap, denigrate, subjugate these same women to the point poverty is now being seen as a hallmark of women; whereby, only men can rescue us.

Can you truly rescue those who have been keeping you up there?

Who even deceived you men that you’re capable of doing better than women? Which mothers fed you with such lies?

You go to the farms, the women who do most of the farming and feed both the families and the nations are the ones being kidnapped by the men called bandits, these are the people who rape and maim these women.

When the men go out hunting, who looks after the home front that the men come and quite often could strike the balance?

Women are the backbones, the cornerstones, and the mainstays of any thriving nations.

Now, sisters are learning to do it for themselves and climbing their ladders rather than hold them for the men, what are the outcome and results?

Stop subjugating, stop dehumanizing those you should respectfully adore.

Every time they talk about poverty, women are plunked on the forefront, who deceived you so?

We are doing it now for us, we are trailblazing and even holding the doors as usual for the men to come in after us.


You lot should cut the simple politics now, give us equal level playing grounds and see the world change for good and forever.


The Future is #Female.

We ain’t going anywhere again and we can’t continue being relegated to the back burners.

Happy Mother’s Day.


Portia Emilia Anthony is a lawyer, mother and a entrepreneur. She regularly comments on pressing social issues.

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Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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