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Fooled Once, Kaduna Would not Be Fooled A Second Time


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June 18, 2018


The legendary Reggae maestro, Peter Tosh sang an epic song with the above words central to the song. Anyone who sets out to fool another knows exactly what they desire to achieve and the assumptions are that you who is intended for the fool stands no chance of knowing you are being fooled. This background provides an insight into what is passing for governance in our Kaduna State.

To find this to be true all you need do is to grab a copy of that dubious 2015 Campaign Manifesto titled “Let’s Make Kaduna Great Again” which the electorate in the State keyed into, thus casting their votes for Mallam Nasir Ahmad El Rufai regime which in due time unveiled its dictatorial credentials. What is playing out and has played out for 3 years can be likened to someone intending to march on a compass bearing which he has taken but actually marches on back bearing in which case he will not arrive at the intended destination.

For a truth, the entirety of the content of that Campaign Manifesto is too good to be true. The team that drew up that document did a fantastic job but the implementation is nil. Most times, I used to wonder if the Mallam ever remembers that document. That document was thought to be the Road Map towards Making Kaduna Great Again, Sadly for every lover of Kaduna the goodwill in the document has been betrayed. Without playing politics with the subject of developing our Kaduna, any critical observer will come to only one conclusion which is that in 3 years there is virtually nothing to write home about if development is the subject matter. If anything at all, for someone approaching Kaduna from Zaria , such will of course see the Road expansion from the disastrous former Gov Makarfi single lane flyover terminating at the Lugard Hall Roundabout.

But wait a minute, that was a project initiated and almost completed by the Ramalan Yero administration. There was no choice for the El Rufai regime other than to complete the project as failing would have created an eye sore for the town. There is no point dwelling on uncompleted projects in Kaduna city alone they are too many to mention and they stare an observer in the face. These include the 3 main road projects, the Mobile Police barracks through Barnawa to the Railway roundabout, Rigasa to the new Railway station as well as the Unguwar Dosa roads expansion projects all at different stages of completion but stand abandoned. When it comes to churning out falsehood, the El Rufai government must be graded A+.

There is presently so much disconnect between the government and the people with the level of disconnect widening by the day. If the main responsibility of any government is to improve the wellbeing of the people in a general sense, the government of Mallam Nasir El Rufai has all but failed to deliver any tangible results rather its policies have brought nothing to the people other than tears, sorrows and blood.

Is it not a paradox for a government with a manifesto to Make Kaduna Great Again, make the demolition of people’s homes/properties a top priority in this very difficult times?
Must the El Rufai government destroy before it develops? Kaduna has more than enough space to develop, why then the destruction?. The cases of Gbagi Villa and Kasuwan Barchi all of which this wicked/heartless government has been threatening with demolition stand out as clear cases of official recklessness.

Driving through Kaduna there is this dubious billboard with the picture of school children and the governor with the inscription in Hausa ” DOLE DAN TALAKA YA SAMI INGANTANCHEN ILIMI, meaning “it is a must (a certainty) that the children of the ordinary people are provided with qualitative education”.

On the face of it, this is one of the most important responsibilities of government. The question is that the government of El Rufai cannot deliver on this very important proclamation if El Rufai’s track record in the area of Education is the matrix.
How can a government desirous of providing quality Education to the children of ordinary people and the rest of us embark on massive sacking of those same professional teachers whose tasks is educating the school children? It does not make any sense to me or indeed anyone else for that matter as to how to grow education while massively terminating the appointments of Primary School teachers. When I read the inscriptions on this nauseating billboard, I felt like throwing up right inside the tricycle (Keke) in which I was a passenger. I managed though to hold back.

This man had made the bogus claim earlier in the life of this administration that the children of those occupying key and important positions in his government were to attend public not private schools. This claim was clearly designed to deceive the people. Someone just posted on social media that the Oga himself is currently out of the State for the very purpose of obtaining quality education in a foreign University just as the children of ordinary people in some primary schools even in Kaduna and around are still either taking lessons on the floor or under trees.

As it were, very ugly campaign posters are already visible almost everywhere in the State capital, Zaria, Kafanchan and other places. The campaign posters can be placed anywhere for all I care but they must not be recklessly placed on private property without the consent of the owners. Those. behind or who’s pictures appear on the posters have forgotten that the myth of the Baba Buhari factor has all but disappeared. You will recall that the chemistry of the Baba Buhari myth had the effect of a wildfire as if in the harmattan season propelling many political scoundrels to position of power. That myth has since evaporated as there is nothing that can accrue from it.

Having been screwed politically by the El Rufai government once, the people of Kaduna are better informed. Never again will any dubious politician play pranks with our collective destiny. We were fooled once and we will not let us be fooled a second time. Peter Tosh’s warning must be a lesson for us to learn from.

Everything strategically possible has been deployed by this depraved government to stifle very genuine and well intentioned opposition but we in the Kaduna Restoration Group are strident in our resolve to effect a people oriented CHANGE in the State. In this regard , there is nothing to be negotiated between us and this gang in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House.
Kaduna State is currently in the most deplorable state than it has ever been in all her history and it is beyond a shadow of doubt that the current gang in power clearly lacks the capacity and goodwill to undertake the arduous tasks of Making Kaduna Great Again. The task before all of us as indigenes of Kaduna State is to resolve to source from amongst us someone with the capacity to engineer and thereafter drive a people oriented CHANGE.

Written by Col. Gora Dauda (rtd)

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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