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From Port Harcourt To Auchi, Enugu, Afikpo And Makurdi: Huge Crowds In The Sun And The Rain For Peter Obi

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August 27, 2022






Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, Kawhariebie Ken Pela (Labour Party gubernatorial candidate for Delta State and his running mate), Prof. Julie Nwabogo Umukoro (right).






And Peter Obi saw them all from Europe











Enugu counts it’s blessings.





Blessings of being Obidient






Moo, Auchi !




All for Peter Obi.

Then Afikpo





And Makurdi.



Let’s revisit Port Harcourt again and hear from Onwuchekwa MARTINS @The_GodFatherI



Firstly, this walk and support wasn’t done by “poor people”. Poor in this context meaning people that don’t have a means or the beggarly as it were, so no basis of paying anyone. People spent their monies instead, marched for a HOPE of a better nation for us all.

People spent their funds on vests, items used, even refreshments without any expectations to get it back, these people ain’t interested in political appointments or contracts, not bothered about kickbacks or favours…all everyone wants is a system/country that works for all.

Secondly, it wasn’t a tribe thing. All through it all, no one asked where the next man was from, you’ll see yourself in various videos and photos and no one cared. Even when sensitizing others, no one talked about tribe or origin, we were all Nigerians out there.

Lol, we got to the Everyday mart at Garrison, by this time it was raining heavily people were all drenched. People stormed the mart bought vodka and drinks, surprisingly, the guy next to me was like “make una carry extra disposable cups for men outside”, people bought drinks

With extra and cups for “men outside” they don’t even know. Truth is that those outside can afford those but you see a people united for a change and for things to work.

Everyone just wants what would work for the common man, a country where even the “nobody” has a say, a stake.

Thirdly, the hardships we face in our nation today has bitten us all variously. A nursing mother today was interested in the high cost of diapers & canned food for her babies, another was sad that at age 34 with two sound degrees he’s still unemployed, the market woman is angry

That she can’t travel to the rural areas to buy goods because of inaccessibility of the rural areas. So you see, it’s not for show or just banters, everyone has felt the pangs of this mess we are in, most of us have had to bear losses as a result of the failed state we are in.

Bottom line is, today I have learnt, that in the desire to get better for our country, we don’t even remember tribe, religion or race. Social status is even immaterial to us, we just want a nations that works for US ALL. Think about these things. This nation is ours.






Greg Abolo

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