Gov. Dickson’s Press Briefing As Regards The Just Concluded Guber Election In Bayelsa State – Highlights

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November 19, 2019

Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State, speaking at the Press conference in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

In Governor Seriake Dickson’s press briefing earlier today in relation to the recently concluded governorship election in Bayelsa State, he says the APC can’t win a free and fair Election. He further proceeded to accuse the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, the military and other security forces of subverting the will of the people in favor of the All Progressives Congress, APC.

He then condemned the use of military forces and thugs to shoot and kill people, snatch ballot boxes to win the election and called on the federal Government to protect the people, while alleging that a massive distortion of our democracy had taken place and so calls on the security agencies to do the right thing by protecting the people.

Governor Dickson also calls on the people of Bayelsa to be patient and tolerant.
“On the 16th the APC had no valid candidate to go into the polls with”, Gov Dickson alleged.

He also condemned the unfortunate way and manner former governor Sylva referred to a judicial officer,

“Former president Goodluck Jonathan remains my leader and my elder brother who is at liberty to receive dignitaries, but insinuations out there are not misplaced, he alleged further. Yet Dickson failed to state why he and the former president who went all out to make him governorship candidate, about 8 years ago.

He added that the APC came to take the state by force, “obviously it is not an election” but social media instant commentators called him “greedy” for installing both the PDP gubernatorial candidate and his running mate, single handedly without an iota of input by Party stakeholders.
Worse still was the allegation that his chosen candidate, Senator Diri, is his family member. Although, no concrete proof of this was afforded.

Here are some more of the highlights :

“No politician has stood by former president Goodluck Jonathan more than me” -Dickson

“APC can’t win in a free and fair Election”, he alleged, yet notably absent at his Press briefing was his estranged deputy, who amongst many party stalwarts decamped to the APC over the imposition of Gov. Dickson’s relation, Senator Diri on the party through a stage managed party primary election.

“My brand of politics is not violence, and we never had a democratic election in Southern Ijaw, Nembe and Ogbia in Bayelsa state”, then added that PDP never lost an election in Bayelsa State” , yet it is known that the Party united under former President Jonathan, until Dickson rode roughshod over everyone during the party primaries and he stubbornly imposed his will over party elders that made him governor, 8 years ago.

“I met with former president Goodluck Jonathan 16 times on who will be the candidate of the PDP”, yet Governor Dickson failed to state why it should take more than one meeting, if there were an agreement at all.

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