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Greed And Short-sightedness: Why The Cookie Of Godfathers keeps Crumbling Unexpectedly

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November 2, 2023







Godfather fighters emerging as new godfathers on the bloc…Wike, Oshiomole (left)

Adams Oshiomole rode to power with a swan song to dismantle the criminality of godfatherism in Edo state and this song rested well with voters, so they indulged the former labour leader and crowned him governor with their votes which was finally affirmed by the courts.

For eight years he reigned as governor and when it was time to leave, he forgot his pledge and theme song when he anointed a successor, obviously an ally he secretly did a deal with to be the new godfather in Edo State.

His successor, Godwin Obaseki rode on, then at some point got tired of the overbearing tendencies of the godfather.

There was a clash and Oshiomole used his newly acquired powers to deny the governor a ticket for his second term in a rather unfair fashion. It was live on television and the people cursed the seeming dictatorship. Nobody liked that.

Unknown to Adams Oshiomole, he had then activated a tragic flaw which is a character trait that leads to or contributes to a character’s downfall.

That negative overbearing trait
became Oshiomole’s hubris, but he was still unaware that he had goofed.

Thus sympathetic people like then governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike rallied the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) round Godwin Obaseki and offered him the PDP ticket on a platter of gold, with the same swan song, down with godfatherism for Edo is not Lagos.

With the giddiness of victory, Nyesom Wike even sang the song with gusto and the zesty tone of a liberator who rode into town like a cowboy in front of the battle.

About two years down the line, it was also time for Nyesom Wike to bid the government house goodbye.

But first, he anointed a successor like they all do.

But see the covenant he drafted and thrust into the hands of his chosen successor, Siminalayi Fubara.

Sara-Igbe reported that out Of 16 Commissioners, Fubara Was Allowed To Produce Only 1 While Wike Produced 15.

The National Coordinator of the South-South Leadership Forum, His Highness Anabs Sara-Igbe, has claimed that the Governor of Rivers State, Sim Fubara, was not allowed to fully select members of his cabinet, rather, Wike was the one who made almost all the appointments.

What on YouTube:


Anabs Sara-Igbe made this statement during an interview on Arise Television. During the interview, Anabs Sara-Igbe said, “out of 16 commissioners, the Governor was only allowed to produce one, while the former governor produced 15.”

Emasculated by the secret rules of an ex governor, Sir Similayi Fubara of Rivers State (left), former governor and now minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.

“As a governor, you cannot appoint your CSO, the former governor produced your CSO. The former governor appointed the Chief of Staff. The appointments that had been given were made by the former governor and this is a known fact by everybody. That is why it is very painful to them when the governor dissolved the EXCO.”

“You hardly see the governor attending meetings of governors either PDP or anywhere. The instruction is that he should not go out. You rather see the Deputy Governor in attendance rather than the Governor. The Governor does not use the state plane to travel, it is the former governor that uses the plane owned by the state”.

So the verdict on what godfathers say and what they do is out in the streets.

Ken Pela @KKenPela tweeted on November 1, 2023 that ongoing events in Rivers State was a replica of
“The structure of criminality that @PeterObi says needs to be pulled down for Nigeria to move forward”.

Ken Pela was the Labour Party gubernatorial candidate in the last election in Delta State. He has appealed against the judgment of the Elections Petitions Tribunal in his state.

In his tweet, he inserted a screenshot of John Nwaokorie who posted this :


If I demand N20 billion every month and even award all the contracts to myself, that’s politics.
Where was he when I was fighting. I have to be politically relevant and I must maintain my political structure. I can’t allow anybody to cut me out immediately ” – Wike defends his fight against Gov. Fubara.


And Peter Obi has a midas touch when it comes to reclaiming his mandate from godfathers. He retook his stolen mandate from the PDP and did very well as governor of Anambra State for 8 years.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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