House Of Representatives Approve Kaduna State’s $350m Foreign Loan

The Oasis Reporters

December 5, 2017

Nasir el-Rufai, governor of Kaduna state

The House of Representatives on Tuesday approved the $350 million foreign loan request which was by the Kaduna State Government.

The approval followed the adoption of the recommendations by the House committee on Aid, Loans and Debts chaired by Hon. Adeyinka Ajayi.

The House also resolved to approve all the subsequent conditions that would follow the loan.

The Kaduna State foreign loan is to fund some infrastructure in the state, which have not been fully explained to the press, neither is the percentage to the GDP of Kaduna state fully explained to enable experts determine the ability of the state finances to absorb it.

Kaduna state is in the north west of Nigeria which has recently imposed a new monthly tax of 10,000 naira on each borehole owner, designed to discourage the indiscriminate sinking of boreholes by citizens and affecting the water table meant to benefit all.
. Though pundits aver that citizens resort to sinking boreholes due to the state government’s inability to provide water for all.

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