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Hushpuppy’s Greed And Police Officer Kyari’s Hubris

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July 31, 2021


Ramon ‘Hushpuppi’ (left), DCP Abba Kyari.

Social media commentator, Chukwudi Iwuchukwu had written thus, to give an insight into the inner conflicts that produced the Hushpuppi – Kyari saga:

In case you don’t understand why the US government through the FBI is looking for Nigeria’s super cop, Abba Kyari, let me break it down for you in a way that you will understand so here we go:

1) Hushpuppi, his friend Kelly Chibuzor Vincent and their yahoo gang defrauded a Qatari citizen to the tune of $1.1 million.

After the deed had been done, Hushpppi sent money to Chibuzor who was living in Abuja, the money sent to Chibuzor was his commission from the successful deal.

However, Hushpuppi did not send the agreed sum, Hushpuppi allowed greed to get the better part of him.

Feeling cheated as a guy man, Chibozor contacted the businessman from Qatar and sang like a canary bird that his gang defrauded him.

2)When Hushpuppi heard what his friend in the yahoo yahoo business did, he felt betrayed and was furious.

While still fuming, he picked his phone and called his ally and friend, Abba Kyari, telling him what Chibuzor did to him and then requested that the betrayer should be detained by Abba Kyari at his pleasure for stabbing him in the back.

3) Abba Kyari provided an account number, not his, the account number belonged to a policeman in his IRT to Hushpuppi who wired money, the reason the money was sent was to mobilize the policemen that went to pick Chibuzor up at his residence in Abuja for betraying the Instagram celebrity.

He that pays the piper dictates the tune.

4)Immediately Chibuzor was arrested and detained, Abba Kyari sent a message across to Hushpuppi via Whatsapp informing him that Chibuzor had been arrested.

“He is now in my cell,” he wrote on WhatsApp. He then sent the picture of the detained Chibuzor at the police cell to Hushpuppi to confirm the identity of the betrayer.

Abbas known as Hushpuppi confirmed yes that the arrested man, is the one.

At that moment, his chest was thumping and a smile played across his face, “I told the idiot that I would arrest him, he thought I was joking”, Hushpuppi said to his close confidants with him at his residence.

Feeling satisfied with the execution by Abba Kyari’s IRT team, Abbas requested for our super cop’s account details, money was sent to him by Hush for doing a good solid job.

5) Chibuzor was detained for 1 month at the pleasure of Hushpuppi. All through the period, Chibuzor was detained, he was not charged to court, rather Hushpupp was sending money to the police officer whose account was provided at the beginning for mobilization. The latest money he sent was just to keep his friend behind bars and for his feeding too.

6) After a month long incarceration, God touched Hushpuppi’s heart to allow his friend go, he then sent a message to his police ally and friend that Chibuzor should be freed from police detention.

A request that was complied with by the IRT team headed by Abba Kyari.

7) Chibuzor is today at large as nobody knows his whereabouts but the action that he took by reporting to the victim of their fraud in Qatar is one of the reasons that led to the fall of Hushpuppi’s criminal empire.

8 The Qatari citizen who could not believe what happened to him made a formal report to the FBI, the FBI team swung into action immediately and uncovered the whole heist that implicated our beloved Abba Kyari.

9)FBI is looking for Abba Kyari for being an accomplice and accessory to a large scale fraud, nothing more than this.

The FBI is not looking for him for running a Jumia delivery business in his police office as a side hustle as he claimed today.

They are not looking for him because Hushpuppi was his younger friend and ally or that he was found in the wrong company.,

He committed a crime when he used the instrument of his office to arrest Chibuzor knowing fully that Chibuzor did not commit any crime known to our laws to warrant detaining him for 1 month .

10) The three parties involved, Hushpuppi, Kyari and Chibuzor really represented Nigeria’s ethic diversity very well.

Abbas is Yoruba, Chibuzor is Igbo and Abba Kyari is a Kanuri man from Borno state so they did it for us guys.

10) In the end, it could be said that Hushpuppi’s greed by not paying his friend Chibuzor the agreed sum, Abba Kyari’s messianic complex and the mindset that he is untouchable because he came from the right part of the country were the hubris that led to the downfall of the two powerful individuals who were once close friend allies.

Historians will always remember this.

Bamidele Ademola-Olateju equally offered her own insight by saying, Dear DCP Abba Kyari – Hushpuppi Cop,

” Why are you using plural pronoun “our” in your statement? It is you who did something, please use a singular pronoun. You are a person not persons.

My sincerest advice to you is to stop talking. That statement you released is full of crap! So a criminal likes your outfit and you are his conduit?

That doesn’t look too smart, you know.

When the FBI mentions you; you are TOAST. The FBI is not Nigerian Police, for your information! Now that your arrest has been ordered, please know you are in TROUBLE.

One more thing, there is no international money transfer or international banking transaction of any kind that the Department of Treasury is not aware of. If they are not ready to open your case, they are simply not ready. When they are ready, you will know.

Unless you used a camel to carry your money across the Sahara desert, stop talking. Obey the First Rule of Hole; if you are in one, stop digging!

Ordinarily, DCP Abba Kyari who joined the Police Mobile Force in 2005, and was posted to Lagos Command in 2010 from where he rose to become the number two man and officer-in-charge of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) – the squad fighting violent crimes from armed robbery, car theft, kidnapping, gang clashes, sea piracy and terrorism but later became notorious for it’s brutality, leading to the October 2020 EndSARS protest having served SARS for five years had had a brilliant career.

The former intelligence officer, who had received many accolades, both local and international for his successful crime busting rates ought to have known that getting tied up with crime gangs like DSP Iyamu who was protector in chief for the famous Anini gang of the 80s in Benin City, must surely end up in grief.

Either way, his image has been sullied, his career rubbished. That is often the outcome of such unholy liaisons.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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