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Infrastructural Projects In Aba Shows That Ikpeazu Has No Bridge To The Press. He’s Often Portrayed As Non Performing

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September 6, 2022




Images of Ossisioma Flyover bridge in Aba.




Smiling Okezie, where is your bridge to the Press ?


By Greg Abolo

Until photographs appeared in the media on September 4 and 5, 2022 showing off the new Ossisioma Flyover in Aba, Abia State from the Abia State Ministry of Information, the impression one had about Abia State’s Okezie Ikpeazu was that of a governor who had slept off on duty.





I remembered the youthful governor who was up and about preaching the gospel of made in Aba shoes and bags, taking shoe making from the rudimentary stage to a polished level some years ago.

I equally remembered him inviting Senator Dino Melaye to Abia State as a way of showcasing his developmental strides in the South East state.

The Oasis Reporters published a few articles on him and his acts of governance including his seeming gallops with cow herding in Abia that had one or two bumps on the right of way.

That was the distance we could go.

Of recent, when photos of some People’s Democratic Party (PDP) state Governors who had converged in a meeting that included Nyesom Wike of Rivers State surfaced as well as the meeting those said governors posed with Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi turned out online, we were interested in the varied comments made by Twitter users.

Many of the commenters had nothing good to say about Okezie Ikpeazu being in the photo.
Taken aback by their harsh comments, I engaged one of them in a conversation on what the legacy of the Abia State governor would look like.

“You are not from Abia State so you won’t know what we are passing through!”
I won’t quote the expletives some of the commentators used. But suffice it to say that I was absolutely shocked to see and learn that Ikpeazu can construct flyovers like Wike.

So what is the problem?

Are Ikpeazu’s media managers not putting in their very best?
Is the governor doing his level best to attract the attention of the press ?

A governor has to work hard. No two ways about it.

Secondly, he must showcase his good works for the press to see.

And perhaps, he has to be media friendly.

Take social media for instance, it is an emerging industry. Recognize it. Invest in it.

These are important.

Congratulations, Aba residents. Perhaps one day, your city would be like the neighboring city of Port Harcourt, dotted with flyovers that Governor Nyesom Wike built.

Written by Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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