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Insecurity: Why The South Would Roundly Reject Northern Elders Desire For Buhari To Resign From Office

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April 13, 2022



Hakeem Baba-Ahmed urges Buhari to abdicate over insecurity.

‘.. there’s a paralyzing vacuum at the highest levels of leadership, propelling bandits to grow more confident, competence in subverting the State and our security’ – Hakeem Baba-Ahmed

The Northern Elders Forum (NEF) has demanded the immediate resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari, over the raging killings across the country, especially in the northern side of black Africa’s most populous country, Nigeria.

The Director, Publicity and Advocacy of NEF, Dr. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, made the call on Tuesday.

This is meeting with huge scepticism in the largely Christian and animist south with also a significant Muslim population because they see it as another ploy for blackmailing them in future, saying that the north has not had as many tenures as befits their status.

Baba-Ahmed had said that “the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari does not appear to have answers to the challenges of security to which we are exposed. We cannot continue to live and die under the dictates of killers, kidnappers, rapists and sundry criminal groups that have deprived us of our rights to live in peace and security.

“Our constitution has provisions for leaders to voluntarily step down if they are challenged by personal reasons or they prove incapable of leading.

“It is now time for President Buhari to seriously consider that option, since his leadership has proved spectacularly incapable of providing security over Nigerians. Our Forum is aware of the weight of this advice, and it is also aware that we cannot continue to live under these conditions until 2023 when President Buhari’s term ends,” Baba-Ahmed said.

Even though it is generally agreed that on the issue of Nigeria’s economy and security, President Buhari’s government is serving with a monumental lack of distinction, calling for him to step before his tenure would naturally lapse in 2023 would pose it’s unique challenges.

When the issue of security and economy are solved by any incoming administration, elements from the north may begin to whine that the tenure of the north was unfairly cut short.

Meanwhile, public commentators from the south of the country have opined that the South paid a heavy price when former president Yar’adua unfortunately passed on after a prolonged illness. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan his deputy was not forgiven for constitutionally succeeding his boss and asking to run an extra one term, acceptable by the nation’s Constitution.

Northern politicians led by Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, Bukola Saraki, Aminu Tambuwal and many others betrayed the PDP and ensured that Jonathan lost.
Southerners do not want a repeat of that traumatizing scenario anymore.

They prefer that Northern elders should continually be in exhortation, urging Buhari to do right by the country.

But to impeach Buhari from office, Southerners won’t participate in that, especially since Buhari has just 13 months before he retires from office.

President Muhammadu Buhari (middle) is expected to up his game and secure the country.


The thirteen months though, are crucial but it could be a wake-up call for the Security forces to rise to the occasion and push bandits, kidnappers and other criminals out of people’s lives and property.


However, Baba-Ahmed said the forum made the recommendation with the highest sense of responsibility, and expressed hope there are enough Nigerians who enjoy the confidence of President Buhari to advise him to consider resigning.

He lamented that killings and assaults on communities have now become daily features of lives of all Nigerians, as traveling anywhere is now risky, and the option of staying put does not make anyone safer.

He said, “Killers and other criminals appear to have sensed a paralyzing vacuum at the highest levels of leadership, and they grow more confident and acquire more competence in subverting the State and our security.

“Nigerians have shed enough tears and blood without appropriate response from those with responsibilities to protect us.”

He advised politicians aspiring to lead the nation to weigh their capacities and commitments and challenges of leadership very carefully.

The northern elder’s spokesperson said that leading Nigeria out of its current state and placing it firmly on the path of rediscovery is not an all-comers affair and that Nigerians will exercise greater levels of discretion in deciding who they can trust in future.


“There are also groups who deepen the concerns of Nigerians over the possibility of a safe and free campaigning and conduct of the 2023 elections. Comments which threaten those parochial political demands must be met, rather than negotiated or processed through the democratic process threaten all Nigerians and hint at a wider space for violence in the run-up to the elections, and after it.


“These comments are unbecoming of elders, and they detract from the genuine and difficult search for good leaders who will be totally committed to one nation with very serious challenges.


“Our Forum re-commits to engagements and dialogue with all politicians and groups to seek the lowering of tensions and stresses which represent threats to our democratic process. The Forum condoles families who have lost members, and prays with those whose members are kidnapped that they will be re-united without further delay.”

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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