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September 17, 2017

Gen. Enenche, Kanu

Nigeria’s Defence HQ has labelled the Independent Peoples Of Biafra, IPOB, a terrorist Organisation, just as governors have proscribed the body within the South East region.
That apart, the Nigerian Army is rampaging through the South East and suddenly everyone has become a patriot, singing against the IPOB.

While it is most fashionable now and maybe politically correct to condemn the IPOB’s style and modus operandi, everyone seems to be missing the point in treating the symptoms of the disease while ignoring it’s roots.

Recall that this agitation for Biafra has been with us for like since forever but has never commanded the kind of grassroots following seen in recent times. The reason or reasons for this are not far fetched, but we all have looked the other way either in pretence or in arrogance.

How else do you describe the silence of all the noisy “patriots” today when the Buhari led administration deliberately sidelined the Igbos in key Federal appointments, cornered all appointments in Nigeria’s Security architecture to one section of the Country, refused to arrest or draft the Army into Agatu, Nasarawa Southern Kaduna and even Enugu when the killer herdsmen descended on selected communities, killing and destroying everything in sight?

When attacks occurred in our communities and we went public with pictorial proof, not only did the government ignore us but it came out strongly categorising our Clergy, traditional rulers, leaders of thought etc, as merchants of war. Till date we have some of ours in prison or standing trial for sharing the sad tales and no trial for any herdsman has ever been considered.

The divisions in this Nigerian family have always been with us but each successive administration has always found a way to manage same.
I dare say that the current administration has arrogantly done things that have widened these divisions and all the new found patriots decided to go blind and deaf.
When a father fails to be a father to all the children in the family, anger, agitation, protests etc are natural consequences that follow.

Nnamdi Kanu has been described as a small boy by Rochas Okorocha. This may well be true, but how a small boy is able to give directives for a sit at home order and all Igbos including those working in Rochas’ office complied is something Nigerians should interrogate.

Therefore as you find voice to condemn IPOB, please spare a minute to ponder on who pushed the nation to this level of divisiveness.

Written by Barrister Mark Jacob Nzamah.

Barrister Nzamah was Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Kaduna State in the regime of Alhaji Ahmed Makarfi (1999 – 2007).

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