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Senator Bulkachuwa Admits Influencing His Wife’s Legal Position For Political Favours, Outraged Nigerians Call For Her Cases Review

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June 13, 2023







Citizens on Twitter call for Action Against Corruption in Nigeria


Senator Adamu Bulkachuwa’s admission during a Senate valedictory session that his wife, Zainab Bulkachuwa, used her position as president of the Appeal Court to secure court victories for his colleagues in the Senate highlights the dangers of corruption and unequal justice in Nigeria’s political system.










It is unacceptable for those in positions of power to use their influence for personal gain at the expense of justice and fairness. This revelation should serve as a wake-up call for Nigerian authorities to take action against corruption and ensure equal treatment under the law.

It also emphasizes that Senators are not above the law and can be held accountable.

The lack of separation of powers between the executive, legislature, and judiciary is a major issue in Nigeria’s political system that needs urgent attention.

It is crucial for the judiciary to conduct a thorough review of all cases involving Zainab Bulkachuwa over the past eight years, including examining her previous decisions and reasoning behind them.

NEFERTITI @firstladyship shares her thoughts on the conundrum her:



Until Nigeria can separate public offices from the so-called First Sons, First Daughters, First Man & the First Lady, there would hardly be any progress.


What Justice Zainab Bulkachuwa’s husband did, is termed as Influence Peddling, which is a form of first grade corruption.

Some judges in Nigeria determine the outcome of their cases in their ‘other’ bedrooms and it is utterly despicable.

A country without an ironclad justice system can never be trusted by foreign investors.

How will such a system honor contractual agreements? This is why this opprobrious system can never advance Nigeria’s cause in the comity of nations, economically, socially or politically.

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