It Is A Blatant Lie To Say Dankwambo Is Under Investigation By SARS – Abu-Ubaida Kuna

The Oasis Reporters

January 19, 2019

Gombe State Governor, Dr. Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo.

The story published by an online media that the Presidential Investigation Panel on the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) has resolved to summon Gov. Ibrahim Dankwambo of Gombe State over the death of one of his personal aides has been debunked as “a blatant lie” by Mr. Abu-Ubaida Ibrahim Kuna, Senior Special Assistant (SSA, New Media) to the governor.

“The story of the invitation was cooked up by the opposition party in Gombe State, for whatever reason that catches their fancy.”

In a statement sent to our office “to set the records straight”, Ibrahim Kuna says “as painful as it is that the cook in the governor’s Guest house in Kaduna, Kaduna state unfortunately died, Governor Dankwambo had no knowledge of what actually transpired in Kaduna while he was all the while attending to his duties as governor in Gombe State.
He didn’t even know that a theft had occurred in the Kaduna guest house. He later got to know from the media that the maintenance staff reported themselves to the police.

“Neither was he informed even when the case was ongoing

He just read about the matter again after the aide was said to have died in police custody, there in Kaduna”.

It is therefore cheap blackmail for the opposition in Gombe State to peddle the rumor that the panel on SARS has resolved to invite the Governor for questioning”.

He urges the media to exercise restraint in rushing to publish unverified stories and getting unwittingly sucked into campaigns of calumny for nefarious political purposes.
“Let them be guided by their professional ethics and code of conduct, so as not to be robbed of their integrity by political opportunists just to blackmail reputable men of good character”, he added further.

It would be recalled that Kaduna in North West Nigeria used to be the political and economic capital of the entire Northern Region and after the balkanization of the North Into 19 States, they still retain some joint economic assets and property that may occasionally warrant visiting Kaduna for any summit or meeting that concerns the entire North.

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Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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