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Koye-Ladele’s Lamentations Over Expected Miracles Makinde Must Perform: A Response

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May 1, 2019

Oyo State Governor-Elect, Engr. Seyi Makinde.
By Rotimi Johnson Ojasope

I am responding to an interesting piece published by Oyo Insight on 24th April, 2019. I found it interesting because the writer started objectively but veered from the initial path when the confusion and sentiments that arose from the reality of losing Oyo State to the People’s Democratic Party, PDP overwhelmed him.

I have to respond to the issues raised in the later part of the article because Engr. Seyi Makinde can not perform miracles but his God, the father can surpass the miracles listed by Koye-Ladele; A miracle is an event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin. Nigerians believe so much in the supernatural and we in the PDP are not less Nigerian.

Meanwhile, Mr Koye-Ladele displayed half education about the PDP manifestos and Engr Seyi Makinde’s plan for the new administration because he asked many questions which he later provided mischievous answers to. I will try and help him provide the right and objective answers to some of his questions:

1. Koye-Ladele claims the first thing is to fulfill the electoral promises but I must correct him that that is the only thing. Claiming the second thing is to meet up or surpass Ajimobi’s record is fallacious because Engr Seyi Makinde’s electoral promises, when fulfilled will surpass the records of Ajimobi administration. All we have to do and focus on is fulfillment of our election promises, not beating Ajimobi records; that is the social contract with the good people of Oyo State.

2. He asked how Engr Oluseyi Makinde will solve the issues of elevated Obas and ended the sentence with “the case is in court anyway”. The case is truly in court and as a reminder, Engr Seyi Makinde also made a promise of giving traditional rulers due recognition and respect. He has promised to allow the court to decide in the case of the elevated Obas.

Mr writer, you don’t need to help us anticipate problems in that area; when we get to that bridge, we will cross it. One thing is sacrosanct, though, Gov- elect Seyi Makinde will not make inflammatory remarks, disparage the traditional institutions and will always put the interest of all stakeholders into consideration before taking decisions on such sensitive matters, if at all he chooses to intervene.

3. You wanted to know where he intends to get funds for all the “freebies” he promised, like the free education for primary and secondary schools.
I will refer you to the policy document of Gov-Elect Seyi Makinde that talks about Oyo State road map to accelerated development. The most important thing as itemised by Engr. Seyi Mankinde is blocking leakages in public treasury and maintaining focus in service delivery. For instance, the N3,000 (three thousand naira) per session from the pupils in Oyo State is about N. 9b per session, yet we can’t see what it is being expended on. The model schools is another white elephant project that expends money but doesn’t have direct impact on the overall standard of education in Oyo State. Spending so much on Technical University is another distraction when many public institutions are shut down in the state. Engr Seyi Makinde believes when there is reduction in spending on frivolous projects, reduction in siphoning of public funds and stoppage of executive aggrandizement, there will be enough money for the basic education level in Oyo State.

4. I think you’re confused whether Gov-Elect Seyi Makinde wants to run Oyo State like a philanthropic venture and I will tell you NO, he won’t do that. If he ran his personal business like charity organization, he will have nothing to declare as profits, talk less of declaring billions of Naira as annual tax. No doubt, Gov-Elect Seyi Makinde is a welfarist and practical progressive politician; the progress of the state and welfare of the people are the focal points of all his policies and his greatest selling points are his humility and sincerity. Where there is a will, there is a way; he won’t run Oyo State like a philanthropic venture but the welfarist in him will surface in improving the lives of his people.

5. Issue raised on urban facelift and security: Yes, there are urban facelifts and like you rightly described them, they are like cosmetic makeover on an ugly face, it is ephemeral and deceptive. We need more than urban facelift, more than cosmetic makeover; we need plastic surgery and rebirth in some areas. We must stem rural-urban drifts with infrastructural development in rural areas, particularly the access roads to bring perishable farm produce to the urban markets, social amenities in the rural communities, protection of lives and property, beyond major roads patrol by Operation Burst Team and progressive engagements of our teeming youth population in Oyo State. Security, according to Engr. Seyi Makinde is deeper than patrols on highways; provision of jobs for youths is part of security, keeping teenagers and youths in schools during session is part of security and paying workers as at when due is an integral part of security because when these ones are neither idle nor hungry, the crime rate will automatically drop.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an easy feat but there are plans to achieve it and though you sarcastically called it miracles, when we get to our limits, the divine will takes over; anyhow, anyway, it shall be done.

6. Finally the issue of LAUTECH and Tech University are issues that will be solved as soon as Engr Oluseyi Makinde is sworn in because the body language alone will motivate the LAUTECH to full activities while stakeholders brainstorm on permanent solutions. Tech U doesn’t need subvention because it’s a private entity. The arrangements might be reviewed but no cause for alarm. Moreover, LAUTECH is University of Technology, Tech U is Technical University and they are just semantics; both are supposed to be for the same purpose but self glory and over ambition have made the founders of Tech U to lose focus.
Why can’t the new courses be introduced into LAUTECH curriculum rather than start a new institution when existing ones are dying of funds ? Forcing Local governments to pay school fees of Tech University students is also misappropriation of public funds.

Therefore Mr Koye-Ladele, miracles do happen and if that’s what it takes to get good governance in Oyo State, it will happen because we now have a group of leaders in Oyo State that will leave no stone unturned in an effort to make lives better for the people of Oyo State. Rather than lament publicly because you have refused to come to the realities of your party, the All Progressive Congress, (APC) losing the elections to PDP, I will enjoin you to prepare yourself for a long stay in opposition by being more articulate and objective in your analyses; the journey ahead is very far.


Written by Rotimi Johnson Ojasope.

SA Communication to Sen – Elect, Kola Balogun.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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