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October 22, 2017

Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso

Great men are indeed mortals, but their works or rather entries on the pages of history often have attributes of immortality. Their stories, some even from the grapevine, are repeatedly told to generations in such a way that they are projected as towering legends.
Whether Kwankwaso fits this definition or not is something worthy of an academic dissertation. However, what is not debatable is that he is such a phenomenon in his own unique way.

As a young man, I watched his legendary evolution with keen interest and was quite amazed by his enigmatic character. His resilience and uncommon determination stand out.
It is doubtful if political pundits have done justice in analysing his Lincolnian iron will, which is what has made him to be feared, revered and loved in equal measure.
His passion for development is dizzying as well as comforting for those in the progressives fold.

Prior to 2011, you would think that you are coming into a chimney on approaching the borders of Kano metropolis. Kano that was known for groundnut pyramids retrograded to grabbing the national medals, consistently, for open refuse dumping; with heaves of solid waste and gulf of liquid waste adorning all it’s nooks and crannies.
In the night, it was literally the elusive black holes. A textbook definition of an urban slum with the most abused rules for town planning was what Kano used to be as at 2011.
Almost all of these, gone within 4 years and replaced with a Dubai-like city in evolution can be nothing short of a miracle. One must have the Midas touch to be such a revolutionary in thought and action at such a challenging period when Boko Haram was all out to cripple the state – and the opposition was using federal might to pin the state down. Even Sheikh Maktoom must be green with envy.

To the majority, this is what defines Kwankwaso’s greatness. But to some of us who are a bit critical we rather sum this up as an ordinary occurrence.
Our yardstick is the ability to excel in both infrastructure and human capital development, and the creation of shared prosperity.
Getting right this delicate balance would fetch one our admiration as well as commendation.

And here he reigns supreme with his unparalleled record in office. It was almost a weekly affair to commission one or two empowerment projects. Thousands of students were given scholarships to acquire advanced degrees in universities across the world. The two public universities he conceptualized and actualized against all odds eventually shamed the critics who ruled them out with a wave of the hand.

As I was strolling in the local area where I grew up one day, a boy ran after me with a second hand necktie in his hands. At the beginning I was startled since that was during the peak period of Boko Haram invasion of Kano. I was relieved when he said to me “please, could you help tie this?”
I quickly asked him, ‘what would you do with a tie?’
He answered, “I am going to join Bell’s university and it is mandatory to dress with a tie- that is why I went to wambai market and bought it.”

His answers even made me a bit confused. So I inquired further, ‘since you could afford an expensive private university- why didn’t you buy a new tie?’ He smiled while replying, “I can’t afford it. My parents are blind. But I sat for an aptitude test and won a Kano state scholarship. The state is going to pay for me.”

I instantly felt overwhelming joy within me. Thus, I instructed the boy to follow me so that I would give him a new tie as gift.
Today, this boy is now a certified biomedical engineer!

Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso must be a proud man. Anybody who has done so much for his people has to be.
You also can’t take it away from him that he is successful and ambitious. But now, he has entered into his most critical phase. Thus, he must weigh carefully all his options. He is facing betrayal from the same man he helped build with everything at his disposal. The federal government, which is evidently run by a small clique, appears not quite disposed to factoring his interest in its workings. He has the people at heart and the people do like him. Apart from President Buhari there is no single politician alive who commands his kind of loyal followership.
However, politics is like a chess game – every move counts. Any distraction can be costly. As the saying goes, all politics are local.
Thus, the focus should be on getting Kano back to the progressives fold.

Finally, whatever happens to Project Kwankwaso, history would remember all these. It would remember how an initially clumsy coinage of kwankwasiya, which people laughed at, has transformed into a powerful movement cum ideology.
It would remember a governor who dared the storms and started an independent hydroelectric power station.
It would remember his beautiful dreams and his witty, often controversial, commentaries. He who thought it wise to create clusters of garment industries to take advantage of local content. He who was pro-local content shall never be forgotten.

Happy 61st birthday, Sir!

Written by Dr. Ibrahim Musa, a Consultant Haematologist at the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital, Kano.

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