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Lagos Chapter Of Rufus Giwa Poly (RUGIPO) Alumni, Launch Cooperative Society To Benefit Members

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December 14, 2020

The reality of establishing a cooperative society that all financial members of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic Alumni association will benefit immensely from, finally came to existence after many months of fine tuning the modalities together to ensure the establishment of the project.

This was announced at the end of year party of the Lagos Chapter of the Alumni association where the resolution to launch it in order to make a formidable impact in the lives of the association members in the state in the spirit of “one big family”, according to a member.

The cooperative society was declared launched with N500,000 by the chief launcher, Architect Oladipupo, who briefly outlined the vision behind the project. He went further to highlight the benefits to all existing and intending members of the Lagos Chapter of the Alumni association.

The chief launcher appreciated those who were behind the laudable idea for the benefit of all.

The Chairman of the Chapter supported the Chief launcher with another N500,000.

He specifically appreciated the special role of the chief launcher and prayed for him as he spoke further on the various benefits attached to the project.

He reiterated the need for a professional and formidable structure to be put in place to ensure that all resources pooled together from the members to help those who need financial support and assistance in one area or the others become realizable.

The chairman emphasized that all members are financially advised to take part regardless of the volume of money available at their disposal.

He advised that no amount is too small to contribute as savings to ensure that all would benefit from the numerical strength, as an association and as members.

He further said that the cooperative society is of necessity because of the proposed real estate project at hand.

“Our members can use the platform to secure their property in the proposed estate project that is still in the process. He also said very soon, the chapter will go on to secure her land to build a Lagos Secretariat.

“Let us continue to leverage on our numbers and achieve greatness with it. We have the numbers and we have the members with required resources but many are still watching us to see how serious we are about the cooperative society before they contribute theirs. I know many of our colleagues who are interested and we are sure that they will join us soon”, he said.

Chairman Elders council, Lagos supported the laudable idea with N250,000 and promised to increase his contribution if the society satisfies all standards expected of such a body.

Other members who supported the cooperative society were the national Vice – President N200,000, Mr. Adewale N100,000, Mr Omodara ACA N20,000 and many others whose names were not captured at the time of filing the report.

The Financial Secretary, Mr Muyiwa(FCA), emphasized that all the money raised today will be credited to each person who deposited as their initial deposit.

He further said that forms will be rolled out and be sent to all who are interested and begin to make their savings into the cooperative account.

The National Vice President appreciated the executives for the sustainability and continuous growth of the Chapter.

He expressed joy at seeing creativity and ideas flowing among the executives and the entire members of the chapter.

He further encouraged all members to continue to imbibe the principles of dedication, commitment and determination towards the growth of the association at the Chapter and at the national levels.

All members present showed their joy and interest in the comparative society and promised to partake in the growth of the society.

The launching continued and ended with celebration while all members went on dancing for some minutes before the party finally came to an end.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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