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Lamela’s Lamentation Over Disallowed Goal And The Future Of VAR, Video Assisted Refereeing In Football

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March 3, 2018

Erik Lamela of Tottenham Hotspur

It was a clean penalty kick that the Argentine, Erik Lamela took from the 18 yard box and just as Tottenham Hotspur fans were wildly celebrating the fantastic score, the referee blew his whistle in agreement with the players, crowd and the bench. Even the opposing team, Rochdale would agree that it was a fine finish from the outstanding Erik Lamela.

Moments after, the whole footballing world watched on Television screens and in the stadium. They saw the referee listening to an external voice, his facial expression changed when he spoke into the overhanging microphone attached to his body, raised his hand, blew his whistle and disallowed the goal.

Everyone was aghast. It was not like the old days when such an action would result in fisticuffs. Football fans understood. The out of sight Video Assisted Referee had disallowed the goal from a remote and aloof location.

That did not prevent the Premier League side, Tottenham Hotspur from drubbing the less fancied third division side, Rochdale, 6-1 earlier in the week during the FA cup tournament that is a leveller for the top 8 teams each in the Premier league, Divisions 2 and 3 clubsides.

The question on the lips of every football fan today is, will the Video Assisted Referee technology be in use for the Russia competition coming up in July?

Obviously, this new technology that is still imperfect has taken away the spontaneity in football. It may have reduced fisticuffs, but the fun in the game is subdued for now. The next global competition will write it’s recommendation or sing it’s requiem mass.

Greg Abolo

Greg Abolo

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