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Late President Yar’adua’s Nervous Pick Of A Running Mate In 2006



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February 25, 2018


Top Row, left:  Obasanjo, Anenih, Yar’adua.
Bottom row, left : Ahmadu Ali, Gooodluck Jonathan.


Nigeria’s politics is eventful. The more you look, is the less you see because all that shows is the reel while the negative is developed in the dark room and the strongmen show you what they want you to choose. Either way, you really have no choice, except the choice made for you to believe that you chose freely.

In the fiercely written malevolent letter former President Olusegun Obasanjo wrote to then President Goodluck Jonathan as part of the choreography to throw Jonathan out of power and usher in
General Muhammadu Buhari, Obasanjo made allusions to the role he played in bringing Jonathan to the presidency. In other words, he was Jonathan’s benefactor. Without him, Jonathan would have ended up being only a governor and would never have risen to the position of President. He was the god that made Jonathan who he became, therefore should Jonathan show any act of disrespect, it would amount to biting the fingers that fed him.
Jonathan wisely thanked and acknowledged him in his robust response.

The lie to Obasanjo’s boastful assertion has been put to the test in the insider details given by former national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Ahmadu Ali, of what led to the emergence of Dr Goodluck Jonathan as the presidential running mate to late Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, at the party’s convention on December 16, 2006.
Ali, a retired Army Colonel, three-time senator, medical doctor, former Federal Commissioner of Education, former Director General of the National Youths Service Corps, NYSC was PDP National Chairman between 2005 and 2007.

According to Ali, in his authorised biography to be launched in Abuja, the trio of himself, President Olusegun Obasanjo and Chief Tony Anenih decided on Jonathan to checkmate the PDP governors, who were scheming to nominate another person for Yar’Adua, after they had rejected the choice of the then Rivers State Governor, Dr Peter Odili.

Titled, ‘The many Colours Of A Rainbow: A biography of Senator Ahmadu Adah Ali’ and written by Gideon S. Tseja, Ali also provided details of why Yar’Adua got the nod to succeed Obasanjo in 2007.

“Amongst all the PDP governors who wanted to contest for president, he (Yar’Adua) was the only one on whom the EFCC could not find any evidence of corruption or misappropriation of funds. He left over N6 billion for his successor in the state coffers while other governors left virtually nothing. He was reluctant to contest for president.”

The book captures what followed after the nomination of Yar’Adua as the party’s presidential flag-bearer.

According to the author, Yar’Adua was summoned to the basement of Eagle Square where Obasanjo, Ali and Anenih were waiting.

A part reads: “Even before the final results of the primaries were tallied, it was clear to the party leaders that Yar’Adua was going to win hands down. They – President Obasanjo, Chairman, BOT, Chief Anenih and the National Chairman, Dr Ahmadu Ali – decided to shift their attention to the nomination of a running mate on the PDP ticket, the man who would be vice president if Yar’Adua won the presidency.

“Congratulations”, the chairman began unceremoniously. “It is a well-deserved victory, and the party will give you all the support you need to win the presidential election.”
He (Ali) paused for a moment as the president and the others also gave Yar’Adua their congratulations.

“Peter Odili will be your running mate. He came third in our search for a presidential candidate. Governor Ahmed Makarfi came second in our score. For equity, the running mate has to come from the south.
”There was silence as everybody waited for Yar’Adua to react.
Finally, looking away and avoiding the eyes of the chairman, he mumbled with his characteristic shy demeanour, “Thank you sir, but I would request…”

“You request what? The party produced you and the party will also produce the VP!” thundered the chairman.

“Let us try to give him time”,Obasanjo tried to intervene.

“We don’t have time sir. We need to move fast. You can never tell what mischief is being planned right now. Did you see any of the governors towards the end of the election at the Square?”

It was true that the governors had mysteriously disappeared when Yar’Adua’s victory became a certainty. He (Ali) turned to Yar’Adua and continued his instructions to him.

“Go and write your acceptance speech. Say something like this: ‘I would like to inform you that after due consideration and consultation with the party, I have selected Peter Odili, the executive governor of Rivers State, to run with me on the same ticket’. I want a copy of the speech and make sure Peter Odili’s name is on it!”

Yar’Adua went away and came back with the speech as directed indicating that Peter Odili would be his running mate, but it was clear that he was not happy.Pressure was brought to bear on the president to intervene and allow Yar’Adua to choose a VP he felt he could work with.

“Ahmadu”, said Chief Obasanjo, “don’t be too harsh on the young man. Let’s give him twenty four hours…”
“Twenty four hours! But…” the chairman was going to argue.

“I know what you mean”, Obasanjo cut him off, “but let us give him twenty four hours.”
“It had been a long day. Tired and hungry the chairman went home dreaming of eating something, taking a long drink and flipping into bed to catch some rest.
This was about 1.00PM on the day of the convention.

“Meanwhile, unknown to the president, PDP governors were holding a secret meeting of their own to influence the choice of VP candidate. Clearly, they were not in favour of Peter Odili which the party leadership was contemplating.
Even before Ali could digest this information (provided by his wife), he got a frantic call from Obasanjo. He, too, had got some information about the governors’ plot.

“Ahmadu, come quick!”
“But you know we have just…”
“Come, please and don’t argue. Quick, quick!”
“The dream about taking some rest evaporated as Ali doubled back to meet the president at the Aso Rock Villa.

“He (Obasanjo) told the Senator about the governors’ meeting. “We must act quickly or the governors will hijack this thing. Anenih is on his way and I have already summoned Yar’Adua. If he hasn’t thought of a running mate, then we must impose one on him.”
“This had been the senator’s position exactly, all along.
“As soon as Yar’Adua arrived, the president told him without any preamble,

“Now, name your running mate, now, now. We don’t have twenty four hours.”

“Goodluck Jonathan,” he said without hesitation.
He had obviously thought about it or tutored to mention the name.

Immediately, Jonathan was sent for.
“When Jonathan arrived a little later, the president said, “We have summoned you here to offer to you the position of Vice President. What do you think?’“

Jonathan was stunned. He was obviously not expecting this and had not remotely considered the possibility. He opened his mouth as if to say something but nothing came out.
“The president seeing his discomfiture added helpfully, “This decision was taken after a long process. We just want to know what your opinion is.”

“Finally, Jonathan found voice, although he was disconcerted by this development.“Well”, he began tentatively,“If I had a choice, I would prefer to remain as governor. I know the job. I know where I stopped. But this VP…I don’t know what it entails.”
After a look of disapproval from the chairman and the president, he added quickly, “but if you want me to serve in that position, I accept.”

“Yar’Adua turned to Jonathan and asked him, “Would you like to be my running mate?”
“Yes sir.”

“President Obasanjo turned to the Chairman and said, “Ahmadu, take him to my parlour. The television crew are on their way for a press conference. You and Chief Anenih should stand on either side of him and let him announce the name of his running mate.”

“The governors were still at their meeting scheming how to influence the choice of vice president when Yar’Adua announced his running mate to the public in the foyer of the presidential villa. The announcement was carried Live on NTA and other networks. This put paid to the PDP governors’ plot to nominate a vice presidential candidate.”

From the foregoing, Chief Obasanjo’s real choice was actually Dr. Peter Odili. Yar’adua was not comfortable with the choice, even when he simply obeyed orders by writing down his name in his acceptance letter.
Dr. Gooodluck Jonathan was Umaru Yar’adua’s choice. He was not Olusegun Obasanjo’s choice.
So how did Obasanjo make Jonathan what he became?

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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