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Lies Of Many Years: Bisi Akande’s ‘Book of Gaps’, Inadvertently Clears Jonathan Of Bigotry Against Yorubas In Few Lines

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December 29, 2021



Former president Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria.

In a Nigerian Tribune newspaper article by Suyi Ayodele published on Tuesday, December 14, 2021), the writer says “there have been many informed commentaries on Chief Bisi Akande’s autobiography. “I intend to continue the conversation here by pointing at what I would call preliminary observations from what I have read in the book. I focus on the gaps and other inadequacies”.

Akande’s book is very revealing. “Nigerians, especially those from the South-West, have Baba Akande to thank for putting some records straight in his book. At least, through the instrumentality of the book, the Yoruba are aware now that, contrary to the narrative that the former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan hated the Yoruba, the man actually did all he could to maintain an equilibrium in the nation’s political power equation.

“The author, who was a great ‘participant’ in the 2011 power equation game, told us that Jonathan, indeed, supported the zoning of the speakership of the House of Representatives to the Yoruba region. Akande, his younger boss, Tinubu and other “participants” were the ones who gave out the number four position to Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto State. Imagine the distance from Ibadan to Sokoto!

In an attempt to sow an early political IOU, the Akande/Tinubu gang worked against Mrs Mulikat Adeola and crowned Tambuwal as Speaker.

President Jonathan must be smiling by now; God will always vindicate the just.

And for those South Westerners, who were recruited to be Jonathan’s haters on the false narrative that the ex-president hated them, they can now see who the real enemies of the Yoruba race are. Remember, our elders admonish us to allow lies to run for twenty years, truth will always catch up with it in seconds”!

It is now obvious that the internet hacks of the South West that were obviously paid to do great damage to the image, name and reputation of a peaceful and nationalistic Jonathan embarked on an evil campaign. This was even against the interest of their own region. They sold their own region to the northern cabal for a mess of porridge.

Luckily the truth about it all has come out also from the bowels of the same South West.

By Suyi Ayodele.
Additional commentaries: Greg Abolo.

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