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Like France’s Macron, How The Peter Obi Wave Can Sweep Labour Party To Power In Nigeria, Retiring PDP/APC

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June 20, 2022




Nigeria’s presidential candidate of the Labour Party (left), French President Emmanuel Macron.


By Greg Abolo

For over a century, power alternated between two political parties in France until the Emmanuel Macron wind blew, and things changed. Macron has only recently won a second term as French President. He was in Nigeria a few years back.

See how media influencer Reno Omokri describes the phenomenal scenario:

“Candidates like Peter Obi do not have to limit themselves to the PDP/APC dichotomy. There is power beyond those two parties. Actually, power belongs to the people. And if you can connect with them, you can collect their votes”.

Macron-like Peter Obi started doing that, long before Omokri made his post and before he joined team Atiku as a member of the PDP.


Connecting with the people, Peter Obi (up), Emmanuel Macron (below).


Obi is connecting with the people already, having visited all the states of the federation to state his case, except in Adamawa, in deference to Atiku Abubakar, PDP’s presidential candidate’s home state. But the reality is that a great majority of the multifarious ethnic groups in that beautiful state are yearning for Peter Obi, hoping that he can lead the way to harness their abundant natural resources to prosperity for their people.

Adamawa has lush green topography with millions of cows over abundant land, yet they take tea with imported milk from the Netherlands and other parts of Europe.

Adamawa political leaders have no hands-on experience in mobilizing people to prosperity. For the more beggarly they are, the more they depend on the few super rich in their midst for handouts only during elections.

And after the election, the children return to the begging culture that is prevalent in the north with over 12 million of them out of school.

Whereas they have more abundant and fertile land than some other regions like the South East and South South combined together. Imagine millions of children begging for food from morning to night.

As a people management expert, Peter Obi can lead towards a change in mindset and kickstart the revolution towards prosperity.

This is Reno again:

“At 39, Emmanuel Macron created a brand new party named LA République En Marche, in 2016. A year later, he won election with his new party, becoming French President. He defeated parties that had been in existence for over a century”.

In reality, those ancien parties became extinct.

“Nigerian youths and visionary candidates should not think they can’t start a new party and win in 2023.

Even if INEC will not register your party, do a hostile takeover of one of the smaller parties.”

Peter Obi was pushed out through ingeniously hidden ways out of the PDP. So he quietly resigned from transactional politics and was gladly accepted by the Labour Party which offered him a platform to contest on.

Peter Obi is flying the Labour Party presidential election flag.

Since then, Nigeria’s electoral commission, has reported record breaking surges by enthusiastic Nigerians from across all regions to register for voting because of the Peter Obi dynamo. The effect is feverish and politicians who have spent hundreds of millions of naira just to buy the nomination are jittery already.

“Go up north and present a solution to the security crises they face. Present that solution, not to the Emirs, but to grassroots political leaders and you will be surprised by the votes you will get”.

Peter Obi has done that, and he is still doing it. Many know how he worked with police commissioners who incidentally, were all men from the Northern region and in eight years, solved a majority of the security challenges in Anambra State, leading to it’s peace and subsequent prosperity.

Just be aware of one glaring factor. Under Peter Obi, Anambra became a state where an ordinary citizen, Innocent Chukwuma started producing cars, buses, trucks, manufacturing spare parts for the Air Force and other defence departments for Nigeria because of the friendly atmosphere the then governor created.

Even African countries like Sierra Leone, Congo, Ghana etc come to Anambra to purchase the rugged Innoson Automotive Engineering Company vehicles, because Peter Obi created the enabling environment for businesses to thrive.


Learning new ways on increasing Power generation and distribution. Here’s Peter Obi in Egypt.

Obi has just returned from Egypt where he went to understudy the path Egypt towed to increase it’s Power generation capacity from 2000 MW to 16,000 MW in two years.
Nigeria is still at an epileptic 4000 MW in 60 years without sign of progress.

With additional credits: Reno Omokri.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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