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Mangu’s Escalated Security Troubles, It’s Place In Nigeria’s Food Production Chain And Views On Solving It’s Problems

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January 26, 2024







Caleb Mutfwang, Governor, Plateau State.


Kalu Aja writes that “Mangu is not some small inconsequential place, it’s the largest Local Government Area after Jos North and South LGAs (Jos is the capital of Plateau State).

Most importantly, the largest and most commercial market in all of Plateau State is the Mangu Maize market. In this market, maize is traded and exported to other States in Nigeria.

The cost of Maize is directly related to the cost of poultry, spaghetti, and other carbohydrates.

Maize is a key component in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) that measures inflation in Nigeria.

What happens in Mangu LGA will affect your consumer credit in Lekki, Kano and Port Harcourt. Cost of maize will rise because of the insecurity in Mangu.

Food security is national security especially in Nigeria where the average Nigerian household spends more than 50% on food.

The wanton, frequent and unabated killings in the food growing areas in Nigeria is directly connected to the high cost of credit called the Monetary Policy Rate in Nigeria.

If Nigeria can’t restore calm in her food growing areas so that the supply of local food can increase and inflation falls, then even Blackrock cannot save the Naira”

Do not “unlook” this as a Nigerian, this is not the time for “personal visits”.


Mutfwang (seated left), receiving North Central state Governors in Jos the Plateau state capital.

Let me end by saying this, all lives matter, please do not assume only lives that generate food or stay on land with natural resources matter.

Elections are over, Do your job”.

In doing his job, this is what influential Nefertiti @firstladyship says to Caleb Mutfwang, governor of Plateau State:

“The People of Plateau State, especially in Mangu and in Bokkos, should march to their Government House and demand that Caleb Mutfwang should set up a type of Amotekun. Caleb is a “coward,” but if you keep quiet, more of you could be slaughtered. What does he do with the Security Vote?”

She didn’t stop there:

“Christians in Mangu are being picked off one by one; slaughtered by ethno-religious Jihadists. Churches have been set on fire as well.

The Government of Nigeria gives cover to Islamist terrorists to commit murder and get away with it. The Nigerian army, the DSS & their police counterparts will do nothing!

There will be no gunfires, no resistance. The people on the Jos Plateau will continue to live in peace under great fear.

But it shouldn’t be so! Something drastic can be done about it, and permanently. Brings me to Caleb Mutfwang @CalebMutfwang.

The Governor of Plateau is a coward, that man has let his people down! Akeredolu was many things, but cowardice was not one of them!

1. What kind of man are you?
2. Did Buhari and Tinubu ever save your people?

3. What will it take to protect your own people?

4. Do you even know your Constitutional role as the Chief Security Officer of Plateau state?

5. Are you waiting for Tinubu to do that which you (elected by your people) can do?

6. Do you need anyone to tell you that you need a type of Amotekun on the Plateau?


Labour Party presidential candidate in the 2023 national election in Nigeria, Peter Obi urges Mutfwang to conquer the monster of Insecurity.


Peter Obi..bowing before the Gbong Gwom, Jos during the campaigns.

When Peter Obi was Anambra State governor, he energized and utilized the Nigerian security forces stationed in his state to deal lethal blows to the monster of insecurity that had held his state in a prostate position, such that a governor was held captive by criminal elements while Nigeria watched helplessly.

Testimonies of former military commanders and former police officers that worked with Peter Obi attests to this fact. None of them were even indigenous to Southern Nigeria.

Hear Obi in an abridged except from his tweet:

“For the umpteenth time, Nigerians, again woke up today to the continued reports of highly condemnable acts of violence reoccurring across our nation. First was the reported killing of about 30 persons in Plateau State.

While condemning these dastardly and despicable acts in totality, one wonders when we will wake up to the news of this insecurity that has continued to undermine the peace and progress of our country being curtailed. This constant loss of precious lives to insecurity demands that more concerted efforts be taken to end the menace.

I continue to appeal to all of us, the leaders, especially those in office, and the security agencies, to strive harder to unravel and bring the perpetrators of these crimes to book, and continue to make efforts to rid society of crime and violence.

I condole with the affected families who have lost their loved ones to the raging insecurity in the country while praying to God to grant eternal rest to the dead. These are very difficult times in our country, but we must conquer this monster of insecurity to be able to enjoy the New Nigeria of our dreams”. -PO

Governor Caleb Mutfwang says that “To tackle the escalated security concerns in Mangu Local Government Area, I chaired a State Security Council Meeting today to evaluate the situation.

Our primary focus was on the affected communities, aiming for swift and effective intervention. Our administration is steadfast in its commitment to safeguarding the lives and property of our citizens.

There will be justice for all those impacted by the recent incidents”.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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