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Media Visibility War And Control Of Billboards By State Govts: Why They Are Migrating Online For Advertising

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February 1, 2023








Labour Party does not seem to have sufficient billboards slots in Delta State. But will it matter on the day of voting?

Governments at state and federal levels seem severely worried about the outcome of the forthcoming elections, basing their permutations on the thinking of the citizenry who now have the power to determine the tenure of the incumbents or the choice of the successors.


They want to influence the perceptions of the voting populace.

This is one reason state governments are keeping a tight grip on who obtains the permission to mount billboards or who doesn’t.



In Anambra State for example, there are reports of agents of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) led government pulling down the billboards of Labour Party (LP) in favour of their own.



Labour Party billboard hosting Peter Obi, the LP presidential candidate said to have been removed by Alleged agents of the Anambra State government.




Good afternoon, good people of Anambra State and Nigeria. I am Hon Emeh Ugochukwu Emmanuel, the State Chairman of Labour Party, Anambra State.

I have it on good authority that the antagonism of the leadership of Anambra State Government against the Presidential candidate of Labour Party, H.E Mr. Peter Obi, has been carried to a higher level.

As I speak, the Billboards that reflect the image of H.E Peter Obi and other Labour Party candidates in Anambra State are being dismantled. Against the spirit of live and let live, the Labour Party were discriminately slammed with unprecedented charges to discourage us from projecting H.E Peter Obi, against what was obtainable in the previous election. We paid in Obedience to the Government order.

Our application to hoist mini billboards on the street light poles along express road was rejected but it’s evident that the billboards of other candidates are hoisted on the same poles, not even that of APGA candidates to say the least.

One wonders why the Labour Party, its presidential candidate and its other candidates are being punished by the leadership of Anambra State Government. We condemn these punitive acts in its entirety. It is unacceptable!

The good people of Anambra state with the interest that cuts across party affiliations greeted the emergence of APGA Flag bearer with great expectation. It was expected that the light that would culminate in achieving a common objective would be provided.

Unfortunately, it is gradually becoming obvious that the expectation is largely misplaced. He must remember that someone whose palm kernel has been cracked by a benevolent spirit, should not forget to be humble. It is not wrong to be ambitious, but ambition should be made of sterner stuff. You do not cut the nose to spite the face.

Against his calculations, I stand tall to say that his action is a deliberate act that shoots him on the foot and by extension other APGA Candidates. It further strengthens the prospects of H.E Peter Obi and other Labour Party candidates in achieving success in the forthcoming general elections. At this juncture, I call on the peace loving Labour Party members and Ndi Anambra to exercise restraint and remain calm in the face of these provocative dispositions towards us. We are watching as events unfold and Nigerians are watching too.

Sometimes, when you drive someone maliciously, you drive him to a better place.

I thank you all for your attention.

God bless Anambra
God bless Nigeria.


Hon. Emeh Ugochukwu Emmanuel
State Chairman, Labour Party
Anambra State chapter.

The story is the same in some other states that are home to some high profile candidates. The government in power at the state level tries to block the visibility of other political parties.

Suddenly, many of the political parties and their candidates now contact Google AdSense in the US to host their adverts on their blog partners online.

Staff of The Oasis Reporters (a Google AdSense partner) for instance were pleasantly surprised to see the Lagos State governor’s campaign advert on their website. It means that his campaign organization pays Google AdSense who would choose the websites that are their partners to publish the Adverts on. It is Google AdSense that pays the websites their own percentage who may not have any contact with the Campaign Organization.


Despite having more than enough campaign billboards in home state of Lagos, APC has gone online. This they do not have the power to control. Only payment to Google AdSense has. But they would never shut another one down. Screenshot of advert on The Oasis Reporters.

The online advertising recipients publish only what Google AdSense sends down. And the websites cannot be influenced. Thus making the websites equal opportunity advertising platforms that cannot be influenced by state governments.

However, other interested organizations wishing for their adverts to be hosted by websites outside of or in addition to Google AdSense can contact the websites directly. Most Nigerian advertisers charge in Naira.

“While State government agencies can control the billboards, Online advertising is free from the strangleholds of government control”, Mayowa Anjorin, a website advertiser, told The Oasis Reporters on the line from Lagos.

Greg Abolo

Blogger at The Oasis Reporters.

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